Bet You Did Not Know These Things About Surat!

Diamond city, Silk city, Bridge city and Food city! Now that’s a mouth full of names for just one city!


1. Clean Living

Living in India,we all know what a huge deal it is to maintain a street let alone a city. Surat has achieved the impossible by constantly being in the top 10 cleanest cities in the country!


2. Diamonds your true best friend?

Who doesn’t love their diamonds? Did you know that 95% of the world’s rough diamonds are cut and polished here? Who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding a diamond or two on the city streets! (Optimism is a way of life.)

3. We were here first!

Surat was the place where our frenemies (Read: British) first lay foot. That’s right! It was a major port back in the days for some of the most important trades that happened.

4. Food is life!

ver hear of the saying “Surat nu jaman ane Kashi nu maran”? meaning (Only the lucky eat in Surat and die in Kashi). When in Surat, you don’t search for food! It comes to you. Locho, Ghaari, Fafda, Aloo puri – your mouthwatering already? No wonder, they call it the food capital of India!

5. Clean streak!

Railway stations in India – We’re sure you got the image! But not in Super Surat! They are the proud title holders for the cleanest railway station in India. Can you even imagine the sight of that?

6. Calling all shopaholics!

With Diwali right around the corner, what could possibly be a better place to do your Diwali shopping? The Silk City of India is the largest manufacturer of clothes in India. With a dime a dozen wholesale shops, there’s no type of fabric or clothing you cannot find here. Whatcha waiting for? Go crazy!

7. Sun & sand

Spooky stuff excite you? The Dumas beach is said to be haunted because of the close by Hindu burial site. (whether the place is really haunted is open for debate!) The fainted hearted like us need to worry! Hajira and Suvali are two other beaches that you can head to enjoy some laid back vibes and maybe some people watching! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

8. Go down the memory lane!

Feeling patriotic? Head to the historically important Dandi! Don’t we all remember our history lessons about the legendary Salt March or Dandi March.

9. Awesome Mausam

Not too cold and not too hot! The perfect weather settings to enjoy everything this uber cool city has to offer!

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