4 Totally Relatable Post-Holiday Struggles We All Go Through In Life!

All of us have at one point or another definitely experienced these post-holiday emotions!



You just got back from having the time of your life! Reality strikes hard and you’re already feeling restless. You feel trapped and contemplate going back to where you came from.


The slow fear of all that pending work and your daily chores catch up to you. A small peek at your work mail is enough reason for you to curl up in bed and decide to skip work the next day!


When you finally struggle to get to work (why is adulting so hard?!) and open up your social media, what do you see? Every other person you know showing off enviable pictures from exotic places. Now you just want to go home!


You tell yourself that life goes on and realize that you can always take a last minute weekend getaway to get your regular holiday fix! Yay!

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