8 Tips To Fruitful Drinking Trips!


All of us enjoy an hour or two to unwind where we can put our feet up and relax with pleasant company after a long and gruelling day of work. But most of us tend to put this well-deserved break off for a later time because of a lack of money, for shame of our last great debacle, where we ended up blowing our bank accounts and every memory of them ever containing our salaries to bits. However, shocking as it may sound, you can enjoy our nights out by keeping some simple guidelines in mind.

  1. Set a BUDGET

This may sound stingy, but set a budget for yourself and promise not to exceed that budget for the evening. Take into consideration all expenses for the evening and separate the cash accordingly. People may look down on you for this, but remember that you have to manage your finances for the rest of the month, and try as much as you can, spent money will not make its way back into your account.


  1. Fine-tune your pre-drinking game

Clubs and bars earn their revenue by taxing you for whatever you order. As a result, you usually end up spending over three times the cost of your booze at the bar. If getting drunk is your top priority, take it easy on your wallet by knocking down a few drinks at a friend’s place and then heading out to party.


  1. B.Y.O.D. – Buy Your Own Drinks

When you go out with friends, you may feel obligated to buy them a round every time you ask for a refill. However, if your friends are as eager to party as you are, let them buy their own drinks. Stick to coughing up for your favourite poison and refrain from buying round after round of shots, as they tend to be a fail when it comes to getting drunk and burn a huge hole in your wallet to wake up to the next morning.


  1. Split the food orders

Although the smarter option would be to eat before you go out, or have food waiting for you when you get back, if you do need to order food, make sure that you split the bill between everyone present. Even if people say that they may not want to eat, when there is food on the table, everyone does end up eating.


  1. Don’t take your cards along

Carry an approximate amount of cash that you think you will need for the night and don’t carry your debit/credit cards along. You may be tempted to spend more than what you have budgeted for the evening and that helps only the pub you’re drinking and dancing in. Trust me, there are plenty more suckers out there who can do that for them and in the end, you need to look out for yourself and your cash.


  1. Make sure you party with your DD in sight

Getting arrested or ending up in a ditch at 3 in the morning on your night out is probably not the first thing on your list, so always take a designated driver along. Locate and convince a sober friend to come along, so he/she will drive you home or book you a cab and you do not end up spending thrice the amount to get back to Home Sweet Home.


  1. Start as a prince, progress like a pauper

Depending on how you handle your liquor, begin drinking with your favourite, slightly high-priced poison, and slowly graduate to the cheap stuff, because, let’s face it, five or six drinks in, it will become difficult for you to distinguish between your Grey Goose Martini and the liquid on the floor. If both alcohol give you the same high, take pity on your wallet and make the smart choice.


  1. Take full advantage of club deals and schemes and their ‘Happy Hours’

Most pubs often have a plethora of deals and offers on their booze. Before you go out, take a good look at the schemes you stand to benefit from and make full use of them. Go out to these places during their ‘Happy Hours’, where they charge you less for certain liquor and food to go with it. For the best deals on drinks all year long click here.


Keep these tips in mind and no one (except for a completely empty bank account) can stop you from having a blast!


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