6 Reasons Why You Need To Visit This Hidden Gem In Jaipur: Chokhi Dhani

Want to experience all the goodness of Rajasthan in one place? Chokhi Dhani is definitely a must visit! Here’s what you can look forward to at this man-made village!

1. Traditional Art

Heard of Galbeliya, Terah Taali or maybe Ghoomer? (wondering if you are pronouncing it right? so are we!) These are the names of some of the popular folk dance forms that are brilliantly showcased by the performers at Chokhi Dhani. From fiery acrobatics and fun puppet shows to magicians and fortune tellers, there is never a dull moment!

2. Food

Our favorite category! All the walking around is sure to bring out those hunger pangs! The village has multiple dining options set in true Rajasthani style for you. A traditional Rajasthani fanfare of sorts dipped in pure ghee (is overdosing on ghee even a thing?) is served that is sure to make you end up asking for more!

3. Fun Rides

Sure, most of us must have ridden a horse! But wait, this place offers camel, elephant and bullock cart rides. Not too fond of climbing up animals? Enjoy a beautiful boat ride inside the village that ends with a beautiful waterfall at the end. (Dreamy, isn’t it?)

4. Sights to See

How about being a part of an epic battle? The Haldighati battle is so beautifully recreated that you almost instantly get transported to a time long gone. Temples, artificial caves and beautiful artwork displays to provide a feast for your eyes! Recreated villages that show how people survived back in the days reminds us of how easy we’ve got it! Visit the huts(so cool inside, you think there  maybe a hidden ac somewhere).

5. Mini India

The village has a Mini-India just so you can explore and experience the culture and tradition of all the Indian states! The museum depicts the Indian states for their rich history! Now people would have to believe you when you tell them you’ve seen all of India at once!

6. Shop ’til you drop

How can we forget our favorite retail therapy! All of this cultural extravagance will surely leave you wanting to take a piece back home! Head to the artisan’s village to see how they handcraft authentic and beautifully designed pieces.

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