Pizzalicious: Count The Pizza Slices And WIN!


Last weeks competition was to unscramble 6 dishes and the correct answers were:

  1. Berry Pulav
  2. Aapam
  3. Masala Dosa
  4. Chole Bhatura
  5. Aalo Parotha
  6. Dahi Bhalla

Congrats to Megh Shah on winning a 500 Rs. voucher.

Since everyone loved the Game of Samosas, this week Little brings to you Pizzalicious. All you have to do is count the total number of Pizza Slices and win a LARGE PIZZA from Little.

Ready…. Set….. PIZZA:

  1. Pizza is meant to be shared:


2. You can have it even if you’re alone:



3. Or even with your bae:


4. How about this 2 in one Beauty?


5.  Vegetarian? No sweat!:


6. Or just the old fashioned Pepperoni n Cheese:


7. Sometimes you should just chill, like this pizza:


8. There’s always a type of pizza for everyone:


9: Can you spot the king?


Stop salivating! NOW! Comment your answers below or on Facebook and win that Large Pizza!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Kriti Pahuja says:

    56 Pizza Slices!!


  2. namanchopra says:

    There are total 56 slices


  3. aasskolkata says:

    The total number of pizzas are as follows:-
    1. 8 slices.
    2. 2 slices.
    3. 5 slices.
    4. 8 slices.
    5. 8 slices.
    6. 6 slices.
    7. 1 slices.
    8. 16 slices.
    9. 2 slices.

    Total :- 56 slices.


  4. srsbisht says:

    There are 56 slices.


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