Get To Know Costa Coffee!


Costa grew from a coffee roastery, which was set up in the Lambeth area of London in 1971.
This supplied caterers and coffee shops in the area with the slow roasted mocha Italian blend that was Costa’s speciality.
Bruno and Sergio Costa were the brothers who set the company up, soon developed their vision, and their first retail outlet was opened in 1978 in Vauxhall Bridge Road, London.

As Fran Drescher would say, “Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep.” That is exactly what happens when you walk into one of the Costa coffee outlets. The smell of strong brewing coffee welcomes you in and it puts a smile on any coffee lover’s face.


Here are some random facts about Costa Coffee:

  • Costa Coffee has its own roastery. The blend served in retail stores is their own “Mocha Italia” that contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta.

Robusta (coffea Canephora) is disease- and pest-resistant (partly because of its higher caffeine content) and Arabica comprises about 75 to 80 percent of world production and that the greatest coffees in the world are Arabica

  • It is the only coffee shop with a gold card that provides benefits like exclusive monthly promotions, , 50% off on you or your friend’s birthday, free surprise birthday gifts, exclusive seasonal offers and 15% off on delivery orders.
  • It changes its grind from time to time to maintain the quality coffee all day long
  • 100% coffee they use comes from sustainably grown beans source from rainforest aligned certified forest to help coffee grind communities and the environment.

Now that you’ve discovered all about Costa, Click here to get a nice cuppa at Costa for only 49 Rs.

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