6 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Go To A Spa!


You know it’s time for you to splurge on indulgence when you get through a hard week without cracking or when you’re about to embark on something important or, honestly, when you just feel like it. Spas are a great form of self gratification. If you haven’t realised how beautiful you would feel in a quaint, cool place, lit by candles, with angels talking in soothing voices, where their worlds revolve around making you feel comfortable- it’s about time you hit a spa, and here is a list of things you need to keep in mind before your very first session of spa therapy:

1) Spa Etiquette
You might not want to come across as rude at the spa.
If you’re uncomfortable making small talk with your therapist, tell them you’re going to enjoy the massage and stay quiet for a while, they should pick up the hint.


2) Hygiene
This is one thing most of us take for granted. You’d expect a spa to be hygienic because of the high-end fee most places charge, but the high measure of hygiene at some spas is not always a given.
Make sure your therapist always washes their hand before attending to you. Ask for sterilized sponges and washed sheets. It is also important to check that the drain is hair free and the equipment used for mani-pedi is cleaned well.


3) Privacy
Massages are usually done in the nude, and this might make most people nervous. However, remember that you’re always going to be covered by sheets all over, except for the area being worked on. Most spas also take into account your preference for a male or a female masseuse.


4) Specialities
Choose spas known for their specialities for certain things- for example, if you have a sore neck or a lower back case, then you should ask for spas with exclusively good massages.
Go for the mani-pedi, facial and hair treatment parlour-spas if those are your concerns. Unlike your local mall’s parlour, mani-pedi at the spa ensures total cleansing of the cuticles, giving the nails a wholesome, healthy look as compared to fancy nail varnishes. Taking into account the ratings on the internet is also a good idea.


5) Perks
If you have opted for a full treatment, your skin is going to look beautiful and glowing, and since your hair gets greased up and crumpled after a head massage, the stylist gives you a blow dry and makes sure it complements your healthy new look. So get ready to walk out feeling light headed and beautiful!


6) Just relax, literally!
The purpose of the establishment is to pamper you, so just relax and let go of all anxiety at least for as long as the treatment goes on. If you have earned enough to treat yourself at a spa, you sure must have worked hard enough to deserve the indulgence!


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