10 Unbelievably Realistic Miniature Foods That Actually Exist!


Any foodie worth his/her salt who has subscribed to food channels or Facebook pages has seen this upcoming trend of miniature foods. It began all the way back in 1917 when the Japanese created miniature food items made out of wax, soon changing to plastic and fast forward to the present day where it’s become a rage! Here are 10 categories of the most popular miniature food items trending today:


Kicking off the list are the original creators of Miniature foods, the Japanese. This includes miniature versions of the popular sushi and its preparation right from the cooking of the rice on a tiny stove, as well as the cooking of meat, and sauces doled out of tiny china bowls, entirely edible. The magic lies in the pleasure of watching the few rice grains getting boiled in the wooden casket, or a miniature knife chopping the meat.



Part of the popularity of Italian food lies in its versatility, which has allowed it to become incorporated into many different cuisines and has become Indianised, Americanised etc. It has found its way into the miniature food trend as well. Tiny pastas, spaghetti and meatballs, pizzas, cannoli etc. find a place in this category. The joy of watching cheese being grated in a miniature grater, centimetre long spaghetti sticks boiling in tiny pans, pizza bases being topped with even smaller toppings is unmatchable by anything else.



You can hardly keep a food fad from the modern global Indian foodies today. Miniature food turned Desi with miniature thalis, or an assortment of food items, fitting on the tip of one’s fingers, South Indian combinations of Idli Sambhar, Dosa etc. Chaats such as pani puris, pav bhaji, sweets such as jalebis, gajar halwa etc. are part of the spread.



The extent to which Chinese food remains authentic is questionable in our actual cuisine with Indianised Manchurian and Schezwan added to any and every food item in a shade of red. Yet miniature Chinese food is as authentic as it gets, with different kinds of noodles and noodle soups boiled in miniature pots, and added to tiny chopped vegetables and meat pieces. Chinese miniature food has an extra oomph factor as it is finished off with miniature chopsticks, and eating with those could be a feat worthy of being the next internet sensation.



Mexican miniature food was first joined by the trend of watching hamsters and other small adorable animals eating this miniature food. This includes mini tacos, mini quesadillas, mini burritos etc. and the pleasure of these foods being stuffed by miniature stuffing. Salsa and vegetables being topped over mini taco shells with the help of tweezers, or tiny burrito wrappers being rolled and held by a hamster in his hands the first time he enjoys a gourmet meal are key ingredients to making your day.



We cannot finish the savoury section of this article without mentioning world favourite junk foods, those we cannot resist treating ourselves to every now and then. The kind of temptation these carb rich foods provide us with fuels half the food economy with global food brands such as McDonalds taking over. They are irreplaceable in this list with miniature fries, burgers, sandwiches, nuggets, coke cans, hot dogs and people have even tried to create entire McDonalds combo meals complete with the labels.



With a range of miniature dishes on your plate first thing in the morning, we are sure you will never have problems starting the day. We, of course, cannot ensure how satiated it will be, so you were warned. This adorable range of food items includes miniature toast, eggs made several different ways, waffles with berries and cream, pancakes with syrups and toppings, omelettes etc. with a side of dosages of coffee or fruit juices in tiny mugs.



Meals should be compulsorily followed by desserts, and this range can include items that are full-fledged baked goods to decorations for topping full sized cakes or cupcakes. From enthusiastic home bakers baking miniature pies, cakes, cookies, croissants to miniature cupcakes being added as a legitimate dessert items in bakeries the world over, the journey of this category has been cakewalk (pun intended).



If candy could be extended to making edible wrappers, flowers and lingerie, it most certainly holds the right to being part of this list. Miniature candy comes in various shapes, sizes, colours and flavours, including hard boiled sugar candy, peppermints, lollipops, macaroons etc. and these are often used as toppings in edible sceneries or full sized cakes.



If you thought we couldn’t come up with a category that nutritionally benefited you, you were probably right. Used mostly as toppings for other dishes or desserts, these miniature fruits and vegetables are created realistically enough for one to doubt whether they were grown or made(the lines blurring around bonsai produce) and will unfortunately not give the health benefits of the produce they look like. Tiny cabbage, bananas, turnips, papayas, watermelons, carrots, apples are some among the various possibilities in this category.



So this is a list of the most popular miniature food items, that are a treat to look at and consume, and are created painstakingly.shutterstock_422456275

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