8 Compelling Reasons Why You Cannot Miss Out On The Land Of The Thunder Dragon!

A country that seems like a different planet altogether and a spiritual haven where Buddhism is a way of life. Be one of the few people to explore this small country which is 5 times the size of Singapore. Now being one of the best seasons to travel, pack your bags and head to this mystical Himalayan Kingdom.

1.Unlock happiness

Unlike the usual, Bhutan measures the economy of its country with GNH( Gross National Happiness) and not GDP. Talk about priorities right? No wonder the country has been voted to be the happiest and is one of most protected places. Get rid of negativity at the monasteries or maybe chill with some black-necked Crane( one of the rarest species of cranes in the world ) maybe?

2.Deep rooted traditions

Did you know that the “internet” and “television”, two things we most certainly cannot live without was banned in Bhutan until the year 1999? (Digital detox if you will). The natives strive to protect their traditions, values and surrounding. This is not the place for all you starbucks and KFC addicts.

3.Easy access

Now this is one of those few places where being Indian gives you the upper hand. Indian nationals dont require a visa to enter! You just need to carry your passport and id proof and let’s not even get started on how inexpesive Bhutan is!
Pro tip: With limited atms, it’s best you carry the required amount in hand. Also, carrying a 1000 rupee note in Bhutan is illegal.

4.Food coma

You must have heard of Delhi belly! But have you heard of Bhutan belly?! A land where the rice is red and chilli are considered more like a vegetable than seasoning perfect for all us spice lovers! Ema Datshi, considered the national dish is a mix of the spiciest of chilles and cheese. Not to worry! There’s plenty of other options like Zow shungo and other traditional dishes that are low on the spice quotient.

5.Natural wonders

Paddy fields, mountian passes, ancient but sacred and beautiful monastries and temples. Let’s not forget the beautiful and unspoilt landscapes. From the world’s largest sitting Buddha Statue to Taktsang Monastery a.k.a Tiger’s Nest Monastery ( a UNSECO world heritage site ), the oldest Dzong’s ( a type of architecture found all over Bhutan) and unparalleled views of the Himalayas. No dearth of the things you can see and experience in this mystical kingdom.


Obviously, travelling to such a mesmerising place will leave us not wanting to come back! For those who want to take a piece of this cultural extravagance back, you can head to the handicrafts emporium where you will find stunning sounvenirs and handmade Bhutanese handicraft. The Thimpu weekend market is another place you will love. You can find a varieity of items from jewellery to local foods and maybe mingle with the locals as well.

7.Just have fun

Just relax and enjoy the beautiful green landscapes while sipping on some hot tea, or maybe go mountain biking or simply walk through the clean streets. Choose a trail and hike to find some unknown or quiet spots to enjoy the sunset or sunrise or just let your hair down at one of the many pubs at Thimpu! Expect a whole lot of bollywood, but also popular and commercial dance that makes you dance the night away!


Last but certainly not the least, the people of Bhutan. With the crime close to almost zero, the country is full of nice and helpful people! With most of the population speaking Hindi and English fluently, you dont have to worry about feeling lost in an unknown place. As the people here go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Check out our Bhutan packages to enjoy the best of the happiest country.

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