5 Things You Didn’t Know About Priya Village Roadshow Cinemas….. errr. PVR Cinemas


PVR cinemas is considered to be the king of all multiplexes in India. Everybody enjoys a good movie experience provided here. But not many know the history of this fantastic collaborative multiplex. So here are 5 things about PVR Cinemas you might not have known,


  1. Full form

Not many people know what PVR stands for. PVR is actually a joint venture between Priya Exhibitors private limited and the Village Roadshow Limited. Hence, giving it the name Priya Village Roadshow.


  1. Investments

In the year 2003, Village Roadshow backed off from the partnership. But seems like ICICI Ventured had full faith in the brand name of PVR, which made them invest INR 40 crore. The investment helped build the brand that exists today.


  1. The Humongosaurus

PVR is the largest cinema chain in India. It holds it’s head high with cinemas in over 47 Indian cities at 121 locations and an unbelievable number of 553 screens! A giant in the multiplex industry. PVR can give any of its rivals a run for their money.


  1. Love for cinema

Ajay Bijli, the man behind it all had joined the family trucking business for it was the dream of his father and his grandfather. But he wasn’t quite satisfied and later, discovered his love for cinema creating the Multiplex giant that we see today.


  1. Brand model

A highly successful industry like PVR, has the simplest brand model which is FERD –Familiarity,Esteem, Relatability and Differentiation. This delivers the quantity audience with quality entertainment. Also this brand model has helped them surpass the bench marks they set for themselves every year.

These were some of the least known facts about the PVR cinemas, which I am sure, now most of you will call by the name of Priya Village Roadshow.

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