6 Whacky Indian Laws You Probably Did Not Know Existed!

Get ready to be baffled!

1. Indian Serais Act,1887

Pauper or not, this act lets you barge into any hotel and enjoy drinking water,free of cost and also use the restroom. You’d think win-win right? The same act has another weird rule where the hotel manager or keeper is allowed to call the cops on you if you fall sick within the hotel premises. (Getting jailed for falling sick?)

2. Indian aircraft act,1934- Kite flying act

According to this kite flying without a permit is considered illegal. You basically need the same permit that applies to a Boeing 737. Sound’s like we spent our entire childhood mocking the law!

3. Indian motor vehicle act,1914

Have you always been complimented for those pearly whites? Won smile of the year award? Then this is the perfect job for you! No it’s not a beauty contest. Become a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh. Qualifications you ask? Just a pair of good teeth! (Maybe start brushing twice a day now?)

4. Indian Treasure Trove act 1878

This one is more like finder’s weepers, looser’s keepers! The next time you find 100 bucks on the road, think twice before stuffing it in your pocket! According to this law, anything above or valued at Rs.10 has to be returned back to the government. Be prepared to pay a hefty fine or maybe even enjoy some jail time on failing to do so! So much for treasure hunting eh?

5. Indian post office act 1898

So only the Indian post office is legally allowed to carry and deliver letters! Umm, online shopping and basically every other form of delivery are illegal then?

6. Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act, 1911

This one is a shocker! This law states that is it illegal for more than 10 couples to dance on the dance floor at the same time. So the next time you see somebody being dragged out of the dance floor at your favourite pub, you can at least assume to know why!

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