Little Things in Relationships That Matter Much!

The modern relationship as it stands today is an end product, of decades of evolution, and yet is more dynamic and malleable as it continues to change.

Are relationships over-romanticisation of our innate bodily and social needs as quintessential animals? Are modern relationships products of the socio-cultural changes humans have undergone? These and many other philosophical and universal questions are dealt by the web series “Little Things”. Except; they aren’t. Because this isn’t a show trying to answer the bigger questions, it just tries to explore the little things that make a relationship what it is, what it means to the two people in it and how it stands the test of time.

Modern relationships are fragmented, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together with peculiarity and marvelousness. It became about taking each day as it comes, stay-at-home Sundays instead of shopping or movie expeditions, ordering pizza at home instead of candle lit dinners, supporting each other through everyday life instead of singular big romantic gestures, to name a few.


Kavya and Dhruv’s relationship is what it is; emotional, comfortable, familiar, practical and yet somehow romantic. The web series covers the little things that make them the couple they are, and they balance between wanting exciting adventures to being too lazy to shower or cook, wanting to follow popular social media trends, and yet setting trends of their own and between compromising their plans to bending over backwards to motivate each other and doing that extra bit to keep each other happy. Technology might give them the fear of missing out on their friends living ‘the life’ but connects them when they need each other the most.

The role of Kavya has been played by Mithila Palkar and Dhruv by Dhruv Sehgal. And boy they bring such life to the entire series! Mithila and Dhruv are truly internet’s most adorable couple!


Dhruv is not just another average joe, he’s joe with a twist. He’s a glutton who loves shoes and also going on treks but that doesn’t keep him away from his first love football and his favourite club Liverpool! Apart from losing sleep quite a lot, Dhruv is a romantic who would always go that extra mile for Kavya!

Kavya is a bubbly girl and the perfect soul mate for Dhruv, though she holds her ground firmly, she’s apologetic when it’s her fault, does her best to take care of others, her wanderlust knows no bounds and her life revolves around looking forward to Sundays! To sum it all up, Kavya is the true definition of fun meets love meets awesome!

Little Things is a perfect slice-of-life series of this young unmarried couple. The stories are relatable, the characters are endearing, and the chemistry is crackling! This is everyone’s love story, real and honest.

Do you love Dhruv and Kavya as much as we do? Tell us how you feel about them, comment below or on Facebook.

Enjoy the Little Things in life! Watch the series here

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