Have You Visited These 4 Lesser Known Waterfalls In Wayanad?


The name literally translates to rock and needle, a name derived from a needle-shaped rock at the site. Situated 20 mins away from the small village of Meppadi, the waterfall is also known as Sentinel Rock. A 2-kilometre trek followed by a downward descend and you’ll find a pool formation at the foot of the waterfall! Go swimming or rock climbing at this must-visit destination.


                                                           One part of the two-step waterfall
Though smaller than the other waterfalls, Kanthapara is probably the most breathtaking waterfall to see. A beautiful scenic trek will lead you to a clearing from where you can enjoy the falls whch cascades into two steps ending in a natural pool. Situated 20 kilometres from Kalpetta, Kanthapara is ideal for children as well as the falls are only 30 metres in height. Enjoy a picnic or just take a dip at this breathtaking and calm waterfall.


The biggest waterfall in the state needs to be on your must-see list! Meenmutty in Malayalam means fish(meen) mutty(blocked). This is what happens to the fishes that end up here. Meenmutty is an ideal spot for all the adventure and thrill seekers. The way to the falls is through a thick dense forest with a lot of ups and downs that really puts your fitness to test! But once you reach the falls it is worth the effort!


The Chethalayam waterfalls are around 12 kilometres from Suthan Bathery! The falls is ideal for trekkers and tourists alike! A short trek through the woods will lead you to this beautiful and unforgettable quaint falls. Splash around or just enjoy some peace and be one with nature at the Chethalayam waterfalls!

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to these unspoiled gifts of nature that truly need to be experienced. Click here for the best deals on hotels in Wayanad.

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