9 Bike Trips In India That Every Bike Lover Needs To Experience!

Love taking your beloved bike out for a spin? Longing for that time of the day where you can finally get to ride your bike and feel the wind in your face? Here are 10 trips every hardcore bike lover needs to take!

1. Manali-Leh Highway

Obviously the first name on the list, this route is rated as one the best motorable roads. A dream for many of us. Mesmerising landscapes, pristine air and zero to little traffic makes this one of the most favoured and ideal routes for your road trip. If time permits, try including a ride to the middle of nowhere (i.e, Spiti Valley) as well.

2. Shillong-Cherapunjee

Evergreen forests, living root bridges, jaw-dropping waterfalls …the list is endless. Nippy weather and bump free rides make this one of the popular choices for bike riders.

3. Thar Desert

Sure, we’ve heard plentiful of stories of dune bashing and desert safaris. But what about a bike ride? Ride through former kingdoms and long stretches of barren land. Live life the local way to truly understand life in the desert. Watch the sunrise and sunsets and the golden sand dunes in Rajasthan.

4. Bombay – Goa

For anyone who’s watched Dil Chahta Hai, the Goa-Mumbai highway has been a must on their list. From Goa’s white sand beaches and swaying palm trees to urbanised Bombay this is one road trip that will leave you with countless memories whether you go with friends or decide to ride solo.

5. Arunachal Pradesh

A ride that pushes your abilities to its maximum level, this is a tough one. With constantly changing surroundings from thick jungles and sandy plains to the towering Himalayas, this tour will provide a visual treat for you. Chart your own course or just wing it and explore “the land of dawn-lit mountains”. But remember that due to inaccessibility and restrictions, some areas would require prior permits. So plan your trip accordingly

6. Bangalore – Bandipur

This trip is ideal for those who cannot afford to take a day off during the week. Start from Bangalore early in the morning and you’ll soon find yourself amidst elephants, deer and our very own monkey friends. Throw in a tiger reserve with long winding roads and you’ve got the perfect weekend road trip.

7. Valparai – Vazhachal

Rainforests covered in mist and fog and lush green is what you’ll see throughout this route. With stopovers at Pollachi, Chalakudy and the beautiful Athirapally (the largest waterfall in Kerala) and other small towns on the way, you’ll be able to interact with the locals and also enjoy some sights that you will never find on a map or a guide.

8. Chennai to Pondicherry

E.C.R or east coast road is a favourite for any chennaite. The ocean on one side and lakes on the other make this a surreal experience for sure. Stop by at Mahabalipuram or Mahabs as it is fondly called. A hippie heaven of sorts, this place provides some good food and lodging options if you want to rest. Head to the french town of Pondicherry from there and enjoy traditional French and Indian cuisines. One of the easiest terrains to ride makes this one of the most sought after and fun rides for sure.

9. Rameshwaram

An experience you simply cannot miss out on! A beautiful place with clear waters and blue skies, Rameshwaram is a famous religious hotspot for Hindus. A ride through the longest sea bridge in the world (Pamban Bridge) or riding atop dried ocean beds in Dhanushkodi, this route offers some exciting and unbelievable experiences for you.
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