Did You Know That Selfies Are Actually Mirror Images? Click Here To Find Out More!


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There isn’t a single smartphone user who can absolve themselves of being part of the selfie generation and deny clicking even just a single selfie. You have about as many kinds of selfies as you have kinds of people.

The trend actually has its roots way back in 1839 when Robert Cornelius made a photographic self-daguerreotype for the first time and expanded when Sony Ericsson added front facing cameras to their models for the first time in 2003. Since then, one can rarely find a smartphone that is without a front facing camera.

Clicking a selfie is very much like looking into a mirror, and basic physics tells us that a mirror produces laterally inverted images. This is also the reason that one cannot read the reflection of texts, as the letters would be inverted. So technically a picture taken of us is our only honest view of how we actually look, because even the mirror lies. Front facing cameras surely have made it a lot easier for us to click selfies of ourselves, but convenience of angle is not the only reason for this.

Front facing cameras feed us with our own illusion.

A study on the psychology of perception used this illusion of study how people saw themselves. People were shown their regular image and a laterally inverted version of the same and people almost always chose the inverted image, as that is the version of their face they see in their mirror every day, and are more used to. This is the illusion that front facing cameras use. By allowing us to click a picture of the self we see in our mirror every day, these cameras give us the exquisite illusion that we actually look like our laterally inverted self. This is the reason we believe ourselves to be looking way better in selfies than in pictures people click of us through rear facing cameras.

Front facing cameras mostly always have mirror inversion as a default option, and few cameras offer the option to change that setting. If the study is anything to go by, then fewer people would actually prefer to change that setting !

Another reason we are fond of our laterally inverted image is also that a non-inverted image reveals that our faces are not, in fact, as symmetrical as we thought them to be. The asymmetrical structure becomes obvious as if one takes two halves of their face and tries to replicate them, the results may be varying and mildly alarming.

So this is the ‘science’ behind front-facing selfies and why they are the rage we know they are! So get snapping right away,



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