6 Everyday Foods You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong All Along And #2 Is The Most Common!


Ever been annoyed when some misspells or pronounces your name wrong? Imagine how the food feels when you gets its name wrong. Horrible, right? Well here are a few commonly mispronounced names of food and vegetables that you need to correct as soon as possible.


  1. ONION

O-NION is wrong, but an A-NION is correct. The next time you decide to buy an onion better get your pronunciation straight, or else you might just end up with something that you didn’t want!



This probably is the most essential vegetable you will ever find in every cuisine ever eaten, but we fail to respect the vegetable and call it PO-TAA-TO whereas it’s a PO-TAH-TO. Please do not insult this staple anymore.



Ever wondered the oh-so-amazing barista has the unassuming espresso and you to order it but accidentally call it an EXPRESSO. Ouch! Well, to take out of your misery it’s an ES-PRESS-OH.


  1. COCOA

We all love us some chocolate, don’t we! But we sure do forget to respect the bean that makes it so yummy. So never call it a KOH-KOH-WA but KOH-KOH.



We all love the unlimited food, but calling it a BOO-FET never a great idea. So next time you go for a BOO-FET call it a BOO-FAY.



These nuts make people go nuts, now with the vegan world drinking a whole load of almond milk; you would think people would at least pronounce it right, right? We all make the mistake of pronouncing it as AAL-MOND whereas it’s AH-MUND


So now that you know what you are doing wrong please take care when you speak. You really don’t want to annoy your broccoli or irritate your potato. Food for thought:In the end, food is all that matters.

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