5 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Lovin’ McDonald’s


We all love McD right? Below are 5 reasons why you can’t stop lovin’ it:

  1. Happy Meals. Being a college student and an 18 year old who still loves to play with toys, the Happy Meal provides me with the dual solution of a decently-priced, filling meal (For all the eyebrows raised, I do not have a very large appetite) and a cute little collectible that I can keep and show to my kids years down the line, telling them of times and cartoons long gone by.


  1. The Softy cones are soo good: Honestly, there have been times when I have walked into McDonald’s and ordered a whole bunch of Softy cones, because the day hadn’t gone well, or simply because I missed the taste of that vanilla ice-cream. I absolutely love how a 20 buck cone has the power to make me feel perky and happy. I wouldn’t mind working at McDonald’s, just to dig that recipe out.


  1. FRIES!!!!!: I don’t know what they do, but the fries at McD are just AMAZING. The right amount of crunch, with just enough salt and plenty of ketchup, not to mention the Peri-peri option. I can complete a wholesome and glorious meal with just fries and Softy cones on my plate, and not an iota of guilt to go with it.


  1. The humans that frequent it. I see a wide variety of people eat at McD at all times of the day. (Don’t ask me how I know that, though)There was this one instance where close to 13 kids with cricket kits walked in, a big, rowdy bunch that crowded around a table and ransacked all the other tables for chairs. And the adult accompanying them came to the counter and asked for 13 Softies and one burger. It turns out that the kids had won a match, and the adult, their coach, brought them to McDonald’s to celebrate. Every time I go there, I get to see so many people with so many different reasons to come and eat there, and each visit makes me feel like their stories connect to mine (which, by the way, are actually pretty silly reasons, like, JUNK FOOD!)


  1. The Happy Pocket Card. For those of you who don’t know about this godsend, it’s a piece of plastic that makes you feel all-powerful and confident enough to treat your rowdy gang at McD. This card lists out offers on meals, drinks and desserts, with GREAT discounts. Which reminds me, my card expires by the 31st of December, giving me plenty of LEGITIMATE reasons to go visit McD. Can’t let such a pretty card go waste now, can I?


And now that I’ve listed my reasons for loving McD, I’m off to enjoy a carb-filled, overloaded-with-fries meal, with a Softy to top it off. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there, clinging to your own crazy reason to love the place! Cheers!

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