5 Reasons To Pack Your Bags to Shimla Right Now!

  1. Love to Skateboard?

    Bring ’em skates out!

    Shimla is home to the only natural ice-skating rink in the whole of Asia. You can finally cross this off your bucket list. Put on your best shoes (in this case, skates) forward and own that rink!

    2. Up for a joyride?

    Views to die for…

    The Kalka-Shimla Railway was awarded the world heritage site title by UNESCO. If you think that’s impressive, the train also has a Guinness record to its achievements. Think about all those Instagram-worthy pictures that will spam your friends feeds.

    3. Are you a thrill seeker?

    10th Hero MTB Himalaya 2014
    Dare to ride through these rocky roads?

    Then you’ve probably heard of The MTB Himalaya, only the biggest Mountain Biking Race in South East Asia. ( No big deal right?) Watching cyclists literally on the edge will make you on the edge. Don’t want to be just a spectator, then sign up and put out your cycling skills to show.

    4. World’s tallest what?

    That’s one tall statue

    A 30-minute trek and you’ll find yourself in front of the biggest ( we checked our facts ) Hanuman statue in the world at Jakhu temple. Unless you want the monkeys to steal literally anything from you, carrying a walking stick is recommended.

    5. Food for thought?

    Drool worthy isnt it?

    Did you really think we would forget about our favorite part of any holiday? Auriya Kadoo, Sepu badi Madra, Siddus, Chicken Anardana and Channa Madra – You have to try out these traditional Himachali foods on your visit.

    Gorgeous mountain views, warm people, and unpolluted air all in a fairytale-like land are enough reasons for anybody to travel to “The City of Apples”. Know what’s even better? These awesome deals on Last Minute Hotels in Shimla.

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