This Thanksgiving, Discover 5 Dishes To Eat Other Than Turkey!


Thanksgiving day is a national holiday celebrated in as a day to thank for the blessings of harvest. Although it has historical roots, the major attraction of this day is the Thanksgiving dinner. It is basically a large meal enjoyed by every family centered with the traditional turkey dish.


Turkey is the most common main dish of a Thanksgiving dinner, to the point where Thanksgiving is sometimes colloquially called “Turkey Day.”

Lately, there have been quite a lot of alternatives to the traditional Turkey and a long list of side dishes too. Lets have a look at some of them.




Goose and duck, foods which were traditional European centerpieces of Christmas dinners before being displaced, are now sometimes served in place of the Thanksgiving turkey.

Vegan Thanksgiving:

Vegetarians or vegans  may have a tofu-based substitute; a Field Roast, which is a wheat-based product; or a special seasonal dish, such as stuffed squash.

Whale meat:


In Alaskan villages, whale meat is sometimes eaten as Turkey is hard to come by and believe us, it’s divine!


Many African Americans and Southerners serve baked macaroni and cheese and collard greens, along with chitterlings and sweet potato pie.



Some Italian-Americans often have lasagne on the table, made with fresh bolognese sauce and fresh ground beef, this shouldn’t be missed!


And though this is just a glimpse of the variety of different options available at the Thanksgiving other than turkey, there is always more scope for creativity. So run your imagination and create more exciting dishes that add to the glory of your dining table beside the pompous turkey and light up your Thanksgiving dinner. Cheers!

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