Little Foodies Meet #1 At Samaroh Fine Dine Restaurant Bangalore! 9902725714

Eating out is always a grand ceremony at Little. This time around we decided, why not have like minded people who love food as much as us, dine together.

This led to the creation of the first installment of Little Foodies Meet in Bangalore. We decided to invite people who are crazy about food to a royal lunch at Samaroh restaurant with us. 9902725714

For those of you who don’t know, Samaroh is a fine dine Indian restaurant, the concept is basically that of a Thali but with a class apart, right from the starters till the dessert, you will feel like a king, guaranteed.


The food bloggers who got to be a part of this event are as follows, you can also click to find out what they had to say about their experience with Samaroh and the Little Foodies Meet:

  1. Colin Dsouza – The 3 Hungry Men
  2. Naveen Suresh – Bangalore Epicure
  3. Nameesh Rajamane – Fodessy
  4. Banani Dhar – Banani Vista
  5. Noor Khan – Noor in Foodistan
  6. Chaitra G & Navneeth T – Life On Plates
  7. Dushyant C – Butter Theory
  8. Arijit Choudhury – World Of Ari
  9. Soumya Gopi – You Gotta Try It
  10. Nikhilesh Murthy
  11. Jyothi Varne – Flavor Flame Fusion
  12. Rudra & Priyanjana – Moonshine & Sunlight 9902725714

It was indeed a meal and experience worth remembering and we would like to thank all our fellow foodies for taking out their time to come out with us for lunch and giving us their valuable feedback too!

#LittleFoodiesMeet is coming soon to your city too, stay tuned! 9902725714

In case you are salivating looking at the food and want to visit Samaroh, click here!

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