Your Ultimate Guide to Cliff-Diving in India!

How many times have we seen kids and adults alike jumping off cliffs with perfect timing and having picturesque landscapes?  Leave your fears behind and check out these 6 tried and tested cliff diving spots in India.

1. Rishikesh


A paradise for adventure enthusiasts in India, Rishikesh is a favourite. With cliffs ranging between 20 – 70 feet, you’re sure to get your dose of rush. Think, about it. Cliff diving into the Ganges to wash your sins away?

2. Pondicherry pondy

Chanced upon by like-minded adventurers, this spot in Pondy is quite a sight. With tall cliffs and your diving pad, a rock quarry, this is ideal for big groups. With less coverage about the area and warm clean waters, why wouldn’t we want this to be our next destination?

3. St.Mary’s Island, Karnataka


The pentagon lava cliff off the coast of Malpe, a part of the coconut islands as they are otherwise called is the most scenic of the lot. Not managed by any type of professional diving groups, this is perfect for that raw, authentic experience. Time to channel your inner Mowgli.

4. Hampi


Another reason to visit this lesser known UNESCO site in Karnataka. Hampi’s uniqueness is that the whole place is full of high rising boulders, lush green paddy fields and unexplored water bodies that free to explore. Since there are no professional guides, you will literally have to take a leap of faith!

5. Goa


Ah! Good ‘old Goa. Slightly different from the others, cliff diving in Goa provides a whole different experience. A trek through the jungle will lead you to a cascading waterfall. You’re thinking awesome right? But what if we told you that you will be jumping alongside that very waterfall.

6. Bedaghat


Cliff dive into the Narmada from marble rocks as high as 100 ft. With Jabalpur already being famous for having a lot of scenic wonders, this could b a fun trip with family or friends.

Most of the cliff-diving spots are usually discovered by chance. Adventure-seekers usually go off the beaten path to find such exquisite spots. There are still plenty of spots yet to be discovered and you could be one of them. In the meantime, for those who want to stick to the tried and tested places, here’s the best deals on hotels around these spots to ensure you spend less time travelling and more time enjoying.

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