Did You Know MTR Invented The Rava Idli? Click Here To Know More About Mavalli Tiffin Rooms!


Some places leave their mark on history and others make history. MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room) is one of the latter. Here are a few facts about the treasure chest of food and their delectable goodies that you ought to know about.

  1. Humble Beginnings:


MTR is one of those business ventures that grew into a multinational enterprise with nothing but hard work and persistence. MTR began when Yagnanarayana Maiya along with his brothers who started the Brahmin Coffee Club serving Idlis and Coffee.

  1. Invention of the Rava Idli:


During the years of emergency when rice was in short supply. The geniuses at MTR came up with an amazing way to make up for it. They tried making Idlis with Semolina and the popular tea time snack Rava Idli was born.

  1. Current Outlets:


MTR has about 6 outlets around Bangalore and they serve a typical vegetarian Brahmin fare which is absolutely delicious. Also they have outlets in other cities abroad. Like Singapore, London and Dubai.

  1. Record Holders:


MTR holds the record for being the only fast food restaurant in the world to serve 21,000 people across the world in about 7 hours.

  1. MTR Foods:


MTR Foods is an other aspect of the MTR’s business venture. This particulate concept was conceived during the years of emergency. To make sure no jobs were lost during the time of closure which was until 1984 due the losses incurred from the Food Control Act MTR Foods was forged into existence. They sell packaged and ready to eat  food like papads and vermicelli. It was recently sold to Orkla, a Norwegian company for a whooping$80 Million in March 2007.

Now that you know about MTR in a little more depth. Make it a point to visit one of the outlet whenever you can and become a part of history. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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