8 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month Of The Year!

With December finally here, there’s something in the air that makes us all feel happier and have hope about the new year to come. The last month of the year makes us feel many things..

1. Move over humidity!

Cosy woollen sweaters, hot cuppas and bonfires are all we can think about!

2. It the end of the year!

No matter how the year was, there’s something about looking forward to a fresh start.

3. X-mas!

Of course, the most joyous and awaited festival falls in December.

4. Free stuff for the taking..

With positive vibes everywhere, December makes everyone get into the joy of giving.

5. Just happiness everywhere!


You just can’t help but feel happy all the time. Just like how you would on Fridays except the whole month seems like one big Friday to us!

6. Party Animal!

December is the month of festivals! New year’s eve party, Christmas party, Christmas eve party and countless others for you to choose from.

7. Did we hear sale?

Offers galore in the month of December!

8. Holiday cheer

After working your ass off all year long you definitely deserve a winter break.

What makes you happy about December? Spreading the holiday cheer with our awesome deals on last minute hotels! Where are you going this December?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Work slows down, the colleagues are on leave, office quiet. What’s there not to like about December!


  2. little_explorer says:

    Rightly said! Too bad there are only 31 days!


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