Contemporary Hair Styling For The Common Man: Jawed Habib!


Contemporary hairstyling has now become to synonymous to Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd. With nearly 550 salon outlets across the country, Jawed Habib has managed to give a new face to hair styling industry in the country. Known amongst India’s best hairdressers, Jawed Habib now aims to make a global footprint with outlets already in London and Singapore.


Although hair styling was not Jawed Habib’s first choice of career, he seems to have a flair for business and has brought the industry what it needs- the interest and awareness of the common man.


Having given nearly 800 seminars on hair care and styling, Jawed Habib has opened hair salon academies and has launched numerous hair care and beauty products in addition to the hair salon outlets.


He has successfully brought designer haircuts to the common man with good quality, low pricing and having the benefit of getting a haircut from a well known brand. The Jawed Habib experience is gives a complete value to money.


With a business turnover of approximately $30 million in 2015-16, Jawed Habib’s goal is to now open 5000 outlets within the next five years as well as replace hair salons in rural sectors with his brand while adding original names to the brand title.


No dream is too small and Jawed Habib proves this every time he opens up a new outlet. So who’s ready for a makeover? Click here.


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