There Is A Place In India Where It Rains Almost Every Afternoon. Don’t Believe Us? Read on to know more..

Once the summer residence of a British governor, this beautiful “resort town” nestled between the mountains is on every traveller’s bucket list. Here’s why…

 1. Rain, rain don’t go away!

Long -winding roads..

Because of its geographical position, it rains almost every afternoon in Nainital. Once the rains stop you can choose to go on long drives on those well-maintained roads or on a refreshing nature walk with beautiful sights all around.


2. The story of the eye

Nanda Devi Temple

According to legend, the point where the left eye fell off from the self-immolated body of Goddess Sati came to be known as the Naini Lake (eye-shaped lake). To this day the goddess is worshipped at the Naina Devi Temple (considered one of the holiest sites in India) on the north end of the lake.

3. Life is better at the lake

Temple in the center of Bhimtal Lake

No wonder Nainital is called the Lake District of India. Bhimtal(a temple right in the middle of the lake) & Naukuchiya Tal(anybody who can see all nine corners of the lake is said to disappear. Would you dare?) are some of the many freshwater lakes you can find in and around the surrounding areas.

4. Heights of beauty

Ropecar rides

You cannot visit Nainital and not go on their famed snow cars. These cable cars are fixed to a ropeway and provide panoramic views of the Himalayas that will forever leave a mark on in your mind and your camera roll. Pro tip: But hot pakoras or bajjis from the food stalls to enjoy on your ride.

5. Wild & Exotic

A majestic snow-leopard

Imagine the look on your friends face when you tell them you actually saw a Siberian tiger or maybe a snow-leopard? The Nainital zoo houses many such exotic animals for the animal lover. What’s more? The Jim Corbett Park and the Binsar National Park for the more adventurous are situated at a short three-hour drive from the main town.

6. A mall?

Mall road next to the lake

No, just a mall road. Almost every hill station in India has a mall road for reasons unknown. Same goes with the small town of Nainital. Shop collectables and eat traditional Kumaon food at any of the many eateries you can find here.

7.Snowfall in Nainital

Snowfall in Nainital

November to January is the best time to visit this hill station. Never played with snow? December is said to be the best time to travel to Nainital to enjoy the snowfall. Check out these amazing deals on last minute hotels in Nainital. 

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