Top 5 Places In Chandigarh to Party on New Years Eve 2016!


Lots of new resolutions, drunken escapades and a night of fun and frolic. What better way to welcome the New Year than with a wild celebration? We bring you the top 5 places to be when the door to 2017 opens

  1. The Grand Ballroom – J.W Marriot

    A place where a team of best culinary artists strive to bring tastes from different parts of the world to a single platter in the form of the most luxurious buffet in town. Grab early bird passes only for Rs. 8999/-

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    4. Aura Nightclub and Bar

    Get 33% off on Couple’s entry this New Year. This place is filled with Smog machine, lasers and glimmer to give a Mist Effect. Normally DJs play with often guest appearances by Singers, Special Tenders and Performers like belly dancers. Spend this New year with your loved one to one of the grooviest beats played here at Aura Nightclub which is otherwise known as Crystal lounge.

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    3. Citrus Café at the Lemon tree hotel

    Get 50% off this year on both kid’s buffet and dinner buffet. This New Year, Indulge in Great food along with good quality liquor. The feeling is great and the administration is great too. Please take note of that there are servers utilized at this bistro, who are hard of hearing and unable to speak. I ask for you to be decent and kind to them, as they truly take great care of you on the administration front. Food quality coordinated the bill. The Crowd is great. Beverages are served on time. On the off chance that you are going through this new year’s with friends and loved ones then it is an unquestionable must visit !

    Click here to buy tickets! 

    2. SLounge at the Lemon tree hotel

    Slounge, a definitive party arrangement is no surprise for all party lovers. I would suggest all the food addicts to visit. On the off chance that you wish to shout and need to host an impact of a party it is THE place for you. It is a power stuffed place with great mood. Lemon’s ‘close to home’ solace helps you loosen up with its smart in-room pleasantries, energetic bistro, and diversion bar, pool and fitness centre. This, at an amazing value. Spend this New Year’s Eve in the solace of S Lounge.  In the event that you are searching for a fun memorable way to chill or a lively night out – you should simply walk in. Grab a drink of your choice at this hip amusement bar and a playlist of your favourite tunes. Get 50% off on both soft drinks and Hard Liquor.

    Click here to buy tickets! 

    1.Choki dhani

    It is a good place with cultural fusion. One can encounter the Rajasthan culture here at Chokhi Dhani. This place has an assortment of conventional entertainers and activities to attract tourists. Saturday evenings are the best here so why sit tight anymore and wait for New Year’s Saturday eve to come. Purchase the tickets at the earliest. There are some modern activities to indulge in like Bowling, shooting also to keep you intrigued. Likewise, you’ll discover “Pundits” perusing Tarot Cards and honing Palmistry. Invest quality family energy this new year with conventional Rajasthan nourishment and music. Get affordable tickets for both Kid’s and Adults tickets.

    Click here to buy tickets! 

Didn’t fancy any of the above? Don’t worry Little App has a host of other New Years Eve and Christmas parties. Click here.

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