2 Is Better Than 1, Double Referral Week! Refer Your Friends And Win An Assured Holiday!


This week at Little is about benefits. The Double Referral week is a one of a kind offer wherein

  • You (the referrer) will get an additional referral coupon (25% FLAT off upto ₹ 125) for every successful referral! (no minimum referrals!) apart from the regular referral benefits (25% FLAT off upto ₹125) each referral).

The best part? That’s not all,  people with the maximum referrals get rewarded, here’s how:

There’s More!

  • At the end of the week, referrers with at least:
    5 successful referrals Get a couple fine dine voucher
    10 successful referrals Get an open voucher worth ₹1000
    30 successful referrals Get an assured FREE 2 Nights/3 Days holiday voucher of Club Mahindra

So what are you waiting for? Download the Little App today!

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