Incredible Additions To Your Bucket List- #1

We all take that annual holiday or the occasional weekend getaway. As we have just begun our new year and few of us are still deciding on the new year resolutions, why not resolve to take an extraordinary trip atleast once a year. But how often do you go to a place that completely changes you or indulge in an experience so unique that it can’t be done anywhere else in the world? For most people such trips are just items on their bucket list that are never ticked off. Here’s a list of such incredible places to travel and explore.

Edakkal caves, Wayanad

Edakkal is the only known places which has connection of the Stone Age India. Here you can see pictures from the Neolithic age and bears. The human figures of these caves have hair and some have masks. They all have archeological significance and interest. Along with these images, you also can watch the Tamil Brahmi script carved.
Edakkal is said to have some connection with the Indus Valley Civilization . About 400 signs have recently found, which showed the relationship of ancient civilizations. The prominent among them was a man with a glass jar.

Toy train Ride from Kalka to Shimla

Chugging through the narrow-gauge mountain path, toy train from Kalka to Shimla runs for six hours of great mountain scenery – along the picturesque Himalayan outlets over colorful valleys and gorges, the last seasonal rivers and waterfalls, surrounded by lush forests and by a whopping 103 tunnels, literally in the heart Himalayas! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and close to the experience once-in-a-lifetime, reservations in a toy train must be made at the beginning (up to 3 months in advance on the website of Indian Railways).

Floating restaurant at Poovar

Poovar is a lovely little island and beach destination where you want enough presence of restaurants to munch different types of cuisine. The beauty of Poovar restaurant lies on sea food and awesome atmosphere spreads around an essence of organic vibe to invite travelers from every corner of the world. So while in Poovar try some delectable sea food but if you are vegetarian, they do have lot of options as the cuisine of many restaurants in Poovar is equally balanced.

Bathe an Elephant and walk through spice plantations in Goa

Spice plantations are some of the most offbeat place to visit Goa. Stroll through fragrant fresh plantation and learn about the various spices. Savoi plantations and Sahakar Spice Farm are two of the most famous plantations that you have to visit. Apart from enjoying the beauty of nature and walking through the plantation you will also get to play with the friendly elephants . Give them a bath or sit in the back while you spray with water.

Experience village jeep safari at Rajasthan

Experience a jeep safari to bishnoi villages, to get a feel for the local lifestyle of rajasthan villagers. Bishnois are a village community of rajasthan who are quite popular for their cultural lifestyle and love for nature and animals. You get an opportunity to observe the lifestyle and interact with the community of farmers, shepherds, weavers and others of this region.

Pulicat Lake visit in Chennai

Pulicat Lake is a ‘must visit’ place if you are in Chennai. Chennai is not green and you do not chance upon many places in Chennai that help you get closer to nature. The atmosphere is serene and you can have a relaxed day here. Boat rides are very popular here. While at boat, you are allowed to indulge in fishing. This is a great place for bird watching. Do not miss Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary located near Pulicat Lake as you will find rare species of birds such as flamingoes, kingfishers, pelican, ibis and many more. You could also find the ruins of a 17th century Danish fort.

Dine with Taj mahal

Enjoy luxury at its best the finest hotels in Agra, where you can dine in one of two restaurants (Bellevue and Esphahan), which offers a choice of fine international cuisine and authentic traditional taste of India, or simply relax with a quiet drink, gazing at the Taj Mahal from the bar terrace. This is the most expensive hotel in Agra offers unparalleled views of the Taj Mahal along with the finest international and Indian cuisine. Although a drink or two, of course, burn a hole in your pocket, but the experience is well worth it. Advance reservations are recommended. Tick things of your bucket list with our exclusive holiday packages, know more here. 

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