We Bet You Have Never Tried Crocodile Ice Cream Before….. Click Here To Find Out More!


Do you consider yourself an ice cream aficionado? Think you’ve tasted every kind of ice cream there is?

Well, a sweet surprise awaits you at Davao City in the Philippines. Formerly known as Sweet Spot, The Crocodile Ice Cream store is a treat for every ice cream enthusiast! And what exactly makes their ice cream so special you ask? Their secret ingredient of course!


The Crocodile Ice Cream store sells ice cream made literally from crocodile eggs. Rather than using normal eggs procured from hens, the owners of this ice cream store use crocodile eggs. As crocodiles are an endangered species, the eggs used are unfertilized and acquired from the Davao Crocodile Park nearby. No crocodiles are harmed in the process and the surplus eggs are used for this delicacy.

The owner of the store and the inventor of crocodile egg ice cream, Dino Ramos, claims that crocodile eggs make the ice cream creamier and thicker as they contain almost 80% yolk. This also makes crocodile eggs more nutritious and therefore a healthier option than chicken eggs for the ice cream.

Together with milk, cream, sugar, honey and fruits, the crocodile eggs are mixed to make this delicious fare. The store offers ice cream in many flavour variants such as avocado, red dragon fruit, cookies and cream, durian, coffee, mango, strawberry, pandan, vanilla, langka, and cheese to name a few.

What started out as a home experiment has quickly culminated into an instant and best-selling success in the culinary world. Dino assures us that the ice cream definitely does not taste like crocodile meat and is no different from regular ice cream except maybe it’s just a little more creamier and delicious of course! The new variant of ice cream has immediately climbed its way to being the most sold item on their menu.


For all of you with a sweet tooth and especially those with a soft spot for ice cream, this is a must do dessert. So folks, the next time you find yourself in Davao City, don’t forget to visit The Crocodile Ice Cream Store and have a mouthful of this creamy delight!

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