Beacons On Beach – Trace The India’s Lighthouse Destinations

Ever heard lighthouse tourism? These lighthouses are often overlooked when it comes to amazing views and destinations. In fact, the view from the top is really mind-boggling. And a 360 degrees will never be the same from anywhere else. Here is a list of a few popularly unknown ones –

Kaup Lighthouse, Karnataka  

01A few miles away from the town of Udupi, the Kaup beach is a popular place for its lighthouse. The view of Arabian sea from the top is just amazing. The other side of the lighthouse hosts a very nice view of coastal line filled with coconut trees . With its stretches of white sands, perfect location and idle atmosphere, Kaup is a place that you’ll never want to leave, thanks to its pristine beauty.

Lighthouse beach, Kovalam

02The 35 m lighthouse at Kovalam is perched atop the palm-covered Kurumkal Hill jutting out on to the sea. Visitors can climb the spiraling staircase inside to the top of the red and white tower and enjoy a spectacular view of the surroundings.

Dwaraka Lighthouse

03Dwaraka is known for its temples and places of worship and least known for its forts and monuments. The Lighthouse at dwaraka is located three and half kms from the town. The 43meter tower was built in 1962 on the Saurashtrian coast called Rupen Creek

Aguada Lighthouse, Goa

04 “Agua” in Portuguese means water, thus the fort derived its name “Aguada” to denote a place where water is accumulated. This lighthouse was home to a gigantic bell that was retrieved from amongst the ruins of the St. Augustus monastery at Old Goa The bell has now been moved to the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception church at Panaji. Fort Aguada is one of the largest and exclusive lighthouse preserved for the best known landmarks in goan history.

Pamban Island Lighthouse

05Pamban Lighthouse is situated in Rameswaram Island, Tamil Nadu and is also called as Pamban Channel Northwest Point Lighthouse.  This lighthouse guides the local fishermen to land as they venture to sea. With a square structure with highly contrasting red top, and is encompassed by greenery, the shoreline and numerous angling watercrafts offers a lovely scenic view!

Minicoy Lighthouse, Lakshadweep

06Minicoy is the second biggest and the southernmost among the islands of the Lakshadweep. Visitors are allowed up, right to the very top. No words can describe d the incredible view of the lagoon, one of the largest in Lakshadweep, the green of coconut trees, and the mirror-like surface of an inland lake as it nestles in one corner of the island.

Manapad Lighthouse, Tuticorin

07Manapad Beach is known to be a surfer’s paradise but still remains unexplored. Tucked away in the village of Manapad, this lighthouse is a pretty vision in white and red. This place is quite popular for  its filmy connect as lot of south indian movies being shot here like Singham and others. This ends our list, but hope we have filled your travel bucket-list, start ticking them all now!  

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