Mystorical Places of India

India is a land of diverse people and culture. The number of story tales, mysteries and practices even beat our population some times. Here is a list of few popular ones:

Skeleton Lake – Roopkund

This is a glacial lake in the state of Uttarakhand , these skeletons were found in a lake 1600 feet above sea level . This was first discovered in the year 1942 by a forest ranger. The locals believe it to be the skeletons of troupe belonging to King of Kannauj which dates back to 9thcentury.

Great Wall of India – Kumbhalgarh

The fort of Kumbhalgarh is a huge fortress which is around 82 kms from Udaipur. The walls of this has a perimeter of around 36 kms and is known to be the second largest after The Great Wall of China. These walls also houses more than 300 temples within.

Bullet Baba – Rajasthan

Om singh rathore popularly known as the bullet baba died when his motorcycle met with in an accident on the Pali – Jodhpur Highway. Police recovered the bike from the spot of accident only to find it again at the same place. The next day again it was recovered and chained it to keep it safe. But it went missing again and found near the same place. The spot now has been made into a shrine by name Bullet baba temple. Many travellers visit this place to pay their tribute to Om singh.

Lonar Crater Lake – Maharashtra

This lake was formed when a meteorite hit the earth formed a crater. The most mysterious thing is the water here is both saline and alkaline in nature. This place dates back to the Puranas!

The Visa God – Hyderabad

This places in Hyderabad is known as the Chilkur Balaji Temple popularly known as the Visa God of India. In the era of people looking for opportunities across the globe this temple is a must visit to add more hopes on your application.

Door-less Houses – Shani Singanapur

This village in Maharashtra is definitely one of kind in the world. None of the houses in the village have a door and no valuables are locked inside the house. There is a popular belief that people who commit crimes will be punished by Lord Shani!

The Little Greece of India – Malana

This a small unique village with about 100 houses north-east of Kullu Valley. The villagers doesn’t associate them selves with Indian governance. The people here believe that they are descendants of Alexander and his soldiers. This place is also known for one of the finest quality of hash known as the Malana cream!

The New Lucky restaurant – Ahmedabad

This a tea stall outside a century old cemetery . Graves are situated between the tables and believed to be of sufi saints from 16th century. The owner and people visiting believe this to be a lucky mascot for them!

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