Five Most Uniquely Themed Restaurants To Dine At This Weekend!

Restaurants have become an integral part of depicting a culture in the modern day, and are a source of travellers entertainment to travelers in a city, alike. When a restaurant is centred around a certain theme, it adds all the more excitement and color to the dining experience. Themed restaurants are a relatively new concept in India, but it has its fair share of them. Here is a list of five unique dining experiences you shouldn’t miss:

1) Bar Stock, Mumbai 

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The place has among the most unique concepts: the price of the alcohol fluctuates with its popularity. It opens at the ‘zero hour’, when on a normal day, no drink is on the demand list and you can buy alcohol at a price as cheap as its MRP. Booze overflows towards the night, and as the sun goes down, Bar Stock’s customers splurge on their favourites and it works like magic. Although, not recommended exclusively for food only, the finger food is reportedly delicious.

2) Tihar Food Court, Delhi 

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Located on Jail Road, this restaurant is an effort at rehabilitation for convicted prisoners. Nothing unusual about the menu- they serve samosa, dal chawal, coffee, meals, et cetera, but at reasonable rates. Revenue from the non-profit restaurant, flagged under the Tihar Jail’s brand of products made by prisoners, is utilised for prisoner vocationla training and welfare. Prisoners eligible to be released within two years are picked for the job. The place has earned encouraging reviews by the visitors and is well appreciated for the courteous staff and its cleanliness.

3) Chile, The Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum 

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Kerala is known for its blue mountains, beautiful backwaters and scenic landsacapes. The boathouse cruises are popular among the tourists. Chile is built on the pillars of a lake in the tiny village of Veli. To get to the restaurant, you ride on a boat which takes you through calm waters. The restaurant serves delicious sea food, and is popular for romantic dinners.

4) The Black Pearl, Bangalore 

Image result for black pearl bangalore
Inspired by the all time favourite Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, The Black Pearl is pirate themed. The staff is dressed in buccaneer clothes, they serve cocktails such as ‘Pirate’s Brain’, which is tequila with sambucca and tobasco sauce and ‘Burning Ship’ under a category called ‘Flaming Towers’ which when consumed in reasonable measures might just make you walk with the Jack Sparrow swagger. The rooftop has a lifesize statue of a Captain at the steer, and what with the winds in your hair and a drink in your hand, with bootleggers around, you feel right on deck! The restaurant also houses themes parties in a cove like room with spider webs, rotting brains, gnarled hands and eerie lighting. The Black Pearl restaurant is famous for its live personal barbeque and its rich choice of dessert.

5) Oudh 1590, Kolkata

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Oudh 1590, in other words, vintage reloaded. The ambiance has such great authenticity, it feels like you have stepped into a page of a history book, when the Nawabs reigned the region of Awadh (Lucknow, as it is known today). Everything about the place is classy and dripping with the culture of the Nawabs- right from their method of cooking in enormous cauldrons with steaming rice, aromatic ingredients, dried fruits, and aphrodisiacs called the Dum Pukht, to the platter of Awadhi kebab delicacies like Kakori, Galawati, Shammi, Zafrani, Seekh, to name a few. Oudh 1590 is a highly successful initiative to introduce “period dining” experience in today’s kitchens to be savored at the table.

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