5 Perfect Spots for Valentine’s Day 2017 in Ahmedabad!


Officially the day of lovers, Valentine’s Day is so much more than just gifts and cards. It is a time to show how much you care for your partner. But people often fall short of finding ways to do that. So to avoid that this year here is all the places you can visit this Valentine’s Day 2017.

  • Victoria Garden-  this is the Valentine’s Day to have a peaceful evening talking, sweet nothings and enjoying each other’s company in the presence of nature.

Image result for victoria garden ahmedabad

  • Fine Dine Restaurants – A romantic meal with your partner never goes out of style. So going the conventional way you can also book Candle light dinner at: Fortune Landmark, TGB, Courtyard Marriot, Pride, Grand Hyatt for that extravagant indulgence in dinner and fine wine.

Image result for fine dine ahmedabad

  • Thol Lake – A morning by the lake and a quiet walk in the park sounds too romantic. You can take your loved one to Thol Lake (Early morning only) and Indroda Park in the evening and surprise her with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates.

Image result for thol lake ahmedabad

  • Sunset Drive- in Cinema – Go for a movie with your partner at this Drive-in Cinema. Watching movies in the cold breeze under a starry sky this is the best plan for Valentine’s day.

Image result for sunset drive in cinema ahmedabad

Sabarmati River –  where the sunsets are the most beautiful time to visit. Take a stroll on the beach having a romantic conversation and enjoying the sunset with the warmth of your partner on your side.

Image result for sabarmati river ahmedabad

With all these exciting options available you can show your love in so many different ways. Just pick whatever suits you and make Valentine’s Day 2017 a day worth remembering for your partner.

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