5 Perfect Spots for Valentine’s Day 2017 in Bangalore!


With Valentine’s Day coming it is time to start putting your mind and heart together to come up with ways of pampering your partner. Stuck in the daily grind of life you often miss out on chances to tell your partner how much they mean to you but 14th February gives you the opportunity to rekindle the romance and you better not let go of it. Just saying the three magical words is not enough. You need to show it and there so many ways in which you can do that.

Here is a list of the best places in Bangalore for Valentine’s Day 2017 celebrations:

  1. Cubbon Park:

Image result for cubbon park

Head here this Valentine’s Day to have a peaceful evening talking sweet nothings and enjoying each other’s company in the presence of nature

2. Brigade Road:

Image result for brigade rd

How about some shopping and good food to rock your partners boat? Then Brigade road is the place to be this V-Day. The place gets decorated every year so don’t miss it.

3.  Ulsoor Lake:

Image result for ulsoor lake

Take a stroll along the lake having a romantic conversation and enjoying the sunset with the warmth of your partner on your side.

4. Nandi Hills:

Image result for nandhi hills

This paradise destination was most certain to the list because it is situated right in the lap of nature. An hour long road trip away, You could also plan a picnic for two in the peaceful natural landscape.

5. Innovative Film City:

Innovative Film City in ramanagara-ramanagara,

From the best attractions from Aqua Kingdom, Mining, Dino Park, Haunted Mansion to even museums, Innovative Film City has it all.  Go ahead, have the time of your life by taking your partner on a romantic adventure!


Celebrate the spirit of love this Valentine’s day with your significant other at any of these spots.

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