5 Perfect Spots for Valentine’s Day 2017 in Chennai!


It is mid-January and people are busy making plans for Valentine’s Day. However by coming with the same idea everyone ends up doing the same things year after year. But you can avoid this and make Valentine’s day 2017 a different experience for your partner. Here’s all the places you can visit in Chennai to celebrate Valentines Day 2017.

  • Wildfire Restaurant – Head for a Valentine Special Dinner at Wildfire Restaurant, Asiana Hotel. Enjoy some amazing cuisines at a candlelight dinner and a complimentary wine bottle on the house.  Slow dance to the romantic ambiance with your partner and relax this Valentine’s Day.

Image result for wildfire restuarant chennai

  • Fisherman’s Cove – Drive down ECR with your valentine and spend a night at Fisherman’s Cove. Pick between a four-course supper and Spanish sangria at the shoreline and enjoy the seafood with sea salt in the air and the bustle of waves.

Image result for fishermans cove chennai

  • Beaches – The best part of Chennai is the beach. This Valentine’s Day head to Marina Beach or Neelankarai beach with your loved one and have some fun playing in the water. Try all the fun games in and around the beach and don’t forget to share some masala peanuts with your loved one.

Image result for marina beach chennai

  • Fort St. George – This can be a great place to visit if you and your partner want to go back in time and take a tour of the Indian history. The first fortress built by the British in India, this place is a haven for history buffs. The quietness of this place can be a refreshing change from all the city noise.

Image result for fort st george chennai

  • Semmozhi Poonga – Displaying flora of different varieties in a huge area this botanical park can be a great choice for nature lovers. You can enjoy the peace and the beauty of nature and have nice long conversations with your partner.

Image result for Semmozhi Poonga

With all these exciting options available you can show your love in so many different ways. Just pick whatever suits you and make Valentine’s Day 2017 a day worth remembering for your partner.

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