J.W.Marriott: Get To Know The Hospitality Giants!

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The hospitality industry has seen the rise and fall of so many hotels and resorts over the years. However, J.W Marriott has seen only rise from the day it has been founded. It is named after it’s founder John Willard Marriott and is an American hotel chain that is a brand of Marriott International.

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John Willard Marriott opened his first hotel along with his wife, Alice Sheets Marriott by opening an A&W root beer stand in Washington DC. It grew into a restaurant chain by the mane of Hot Shoppes Restaurant and transformed into Marriotts International hotel company. They opened their first hotel in Virginia by the name of Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel. After that, there was no stopping this couple.

J.W Marriott is one the many brands of this humongous hotel chain. Known for its grand infrastructure, J. W Marriott has branches all over the world in countries like Venice, India, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, USA, China, Malaysia etc. Currently, there are 83 hotels and resorts under it.

Over the years J.W Marriott has built a reputation for itself. Not only does it have a beautiful infrastructure but it also caters to the interest of art lovers. It displays the most beautiful art pieces. It provides a cultural treat to the eyes as well by hosting performances by various talented artists.

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Every hotel has some pillars of strength and one the most important of these is its staff. The better the staff, the better the experience of the guests. so another reason why it offers such great services to its guests is that it has an extremely well-trained staff.

A fact unknown to many, Marriotts was the first hotel company to give its guests the facility of online reservations. 

Working on the principals of putting people first, embracing change, acting with integrity, and pursuing excellence, J.W Marriott has taken the hospitality industry by storm by offering a  grand and home like experience to its guests.

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