10 Wackiest Cupcake Toppings We Bet You Have Never Tried! And # 10 Is Out Of This World!

PC: Restless Chipotle


Not long ago, we had done a post about Japan having 300+ varieties of Kit Kat which created quite a shock. This time around we decided to shock you again, read on!

The culinary world has moved beyond the traditional vanilla notions about a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting or a red velvet cupcake with buttercream frosting. Sure, we’re still loyal to our traditional favourites, but with our experimenting generation that’s always on the lookout for the new, the exciting, the unfamiliar and the slightly bizarre, new combinations are a must try. Here is our list of the most bizarre cupcakes according to us.

  • Buffalo chicken
Image result for buffalo chicken cupcake
PC: I Sing In The Kitchen!

Seems like the most unlikely coming together of sweet and savoury, doesn’t it? It is quite a favourite among devout chicken lovers and Super Bowl fans, as savoury cupcakes using blue cheese, hot sauce etc. are topped with a piece of buffalo chicken. Good luck deciding whether to eat them as a dessert or appetiser, but they probably taste just as good either way!

  • Egg benedict
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PC: Cupcake Project

Breakfast muffins mean a whole different thing now: cupcakes can now be topped with a poached egg and your favourite sauce (hollandaise, mayonnaise etc.). Bake a batch of savoury cupcakes and top them with your morning eggs this way to make a wholesome healthy breakfast.

  • Cola cream
Image result for cola cream cupcake
PC: The Cupcake Blog

Coca-Cola has not come up with a new product called cola cream, so we can all stay calm. But Cola can still be used to make frosting cream to top cupcakes with. Cola has been an Indian favourite beverage for decades, percolating to even street vendors selling cola Ice golas. This flavour on a cupcake is definitely worth experimenting with.

  • Ham
Related image
PC: Oddity Central

Taking the topping and turning it upside down, you can bake your cupcake in a layer of ham, so it becomes a topping with your cupcake when upturned! The juices and fats of the ham will no doubt seep into the cupcakes and meld the two together.

  • Cookie dough
Image result for cookie dough cupcake
PC: Cupcake Diaries

Can’t get enough of one dessert and want to combine desserts? The cookie dough works as a perfect combination between both, and raw cookie dough has recently been picked up as the trend, with people even selling plain raw cookie dough as a business.

  • Beer/wine with cheese
PC: Peace Love & French Fries

Wine and cheese have often gone together in various occasions, so why should the humble beer be left behind?  Liquor can be used to make cheese frosting that captures the cheesy creaminess as well as a healthy portion of the alcohol. Beer cheese is a Kentucky Derby favourite in current times now.

  • Popcorn
Image result for popcorn cupcake
PC: Soda Pop Avenue

Popcorn can be used as an appetiser or instant food but as dessert? These little clouds can be used to make mouth-watering cupcake toppings, if glazed with honey, maple syrup, sauces etc. or caramelised.

  • Bacon variations
Image result for bacon cupcake
PC: Gearhart

Topped with bacon and baked, cupped bacon with cupcake baked inside bacon, bacon cream cheese, chocolate bacon etc. are all variations of this favourite savoury topping. It’s an unfamiliar taste is for those who live on the edge, quite literally.

  • Roasted garlic
Image result for roasted garlic cupcake
PC: Ingerground Culinary Lab

As appetising as that sounds, I cannot for the life of me ever imagine myself eating a garlic cupcake, but then there are those that are bolder and experiment more. Roasted garlic in the cupcake batter and that whipped with cream cheese would be a gourmet sister of our lesser delectable garlic bread, but blended with chocolate and expresso it would have its own odour.

  • Baked beans and tomato sauce
Image result for Baked beans cupcake
PC: Cakes Decor

This favourite meal is now turned into a cupcake too, with a bean cupcake and the tomato cream cheese to top off this kickass cupcake, which tried to be innovative.

So here is a list of the wackiest cupcake toppings in the world, hope you enjoyed reading about this, maybe even motivated to try one of these! In the meantime, all those craving for some normal cupcakes, head to Little App for the best dessert deals!

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