Did You Know Pizza Hut Delivered A Pizza To The International Space Station? Find Out More About The World’s Favorite Pizza Joint!


Once upon a time, our world was devoid of pan pizzas and stuffed crusts and one could not use the magic of the internet to order hot, fresh and cheesy pizzas home. Then came into this world the knights-in-shining-armor and saviors of the pizza world- Frank and Dan Carney, two brothers from Kansas who believed in the magic of pizzas and wished to share it with the world; one city at a time. These boys, at a college going age, borrowed 600 dollars from their mother and at the request of a local real estate agent opened the very first outlet of Pizza Hut in their hometown Wichita in 1958.

The story of the franchise going from literally a hut outlet to the multi-storied, multi-city reality of Pizza Hut today is one of innovation and trend setting. The history of Pizza Hut is full of bizarre milestones that garnered the love and status that pizzas enjoy in our world today (pardon me if I am being cheesy here).

Within the first 15 years of starting the first Pizza Hut outlet, the franchise became the Number 1 pizza restaurant chain in the world, both in terms of sales and number of outlets. Its international presence includes outlets in China, Canada, Mexico, India, UK, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, UAE, Malaysia, South Africa, Chile etc. to name a few. Its presence in Australia in 1983 was particularly significant as it became the first pizza company to offer home delivery in the country.

Pizza Hut introduced innovations in the quintessential humble pizza transforming the way we see pizzas today; from the thick, fluffy and crispy pan crust pizzas to its own version of the traditional hand tossed pizza, from a 122 foot pizza winning the world record for the largest pizza ever made to the world’s first stuffed crust pizza in 1995. However, the franchise held quality in food equivalent to quality in service, and they have delivered pizzas in almost every corner of the world including to First lady Barbara Bush in the White House and Boris Yeltsin, the first President of the Russian Federation at the time of a political coup in Moscow. They, however, did not limit themselves to the world and became the first pizza company to deliver pizzas in space with a delivery to the International Space Station. Nobody can resist the temptation of a good pizza, after all!

In the past few decades, Pizza Hut has equipped itself to serve a changing world becoming more and more digitized by the day. In 1994 it became the first national chain to deliver pizza through online ordering, the system soon expanding to its international outlets. With the rising popularity of Facebook, it became the first pizza chain to be on Facebook and create an online presence. In the recent years, it has launched its iPhone and Android ordering Apps to cater to the market of Smartphone users and even has an Xbox ordering App for the convenience of gaming freaks the world over. Not to mention Pizza Hut also created the world’s first Playable DJ Pizza Box

This is the Pizza Hut story that most certainly has a happily-ever-after in the end for all of its customers. We at Little App love Pizza Hut too, do check out our latest pizza deals!

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