6 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Plan For Your Next Team Lunch!


How do you spend your lunch break? Do you quickly munch a sandwich at a nearby fast food store?  Do you buy the best deals? Or do you chow down anything before you with your eyes glued to your phone? Do you devour a salad at your desk with one hand on your keyboard? Perhaps you skip lunch altogether because you have “too much on your plate.”

Today we live in such a work-obsessed society that we tend to shun the notion of taking a break. We all need the energy from calories for our minds to function at their best. And we all need a little time to recharge, too!

Perhaps Team lunches are a great way to improve team-strength, and give you just the right amount of energy boost. But have you ever thought of things we need to keep in mind before going to chow down a tasty meal? So let’s make this a little easier for you. Here’s a list containing everything important you need to keep in mind before going on an office Team Lunch.

1) What to say:

Image result for say correct things

Talking about something besides work during lunchtime can boost your energy level and improve your mood. A lunch break not only fuels your motivation to power toward the end of the day, it also gives you something to forward to going on fresh and working productively. Also keep work related talks low as not everyone can be trusted!

2) Pertain to time Schedule:

Image result for on time

It’s always best for all if you don’t have a too long or too short lunch break. It is a part of work ethics and is a great time to socialize but make sure that doesn’t affect your work or working hours!

3) Diet:

Image result for officd diet

We all have our likings and it’s good to sometimes splurge on that dish you devour so heartily. But don’t forget to keep your diet healthy and light as heavy meals could get you drowsy and affect your performance.

4) Where you go to:

Image result for bored of same restaurant

This could be the same restaurant you go to every now and then and maybe a little change sometimes could give you a different sense of joy and you might just discover a new favorite!

5) Plan it well:

Related image

It’s best if your office Team lunch is well planned. This will save you from any last minute stress and planning strategically before hand helps you relax too!

6) Build your circle:

Image result for office friends circle

Very often we tend to ignore the ones we work with and end up not knowing them at all, take this opportunity to build a rapport with your colleagues and get to know them better. It will also help you incase of emergencies. It’s always good to have someone you can rely on.

There are many more other things which you can keep in mind but most importantly don’t forget to ENJOY. Speaking of enjoy,  LittleApp.in has been helping people plan the best office lunches since 2015,

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