10 Comfort Foods That Are Life Savers!


While most of the days you are bubbling with energy busy achieving targets, socializing at parties, hunting for the best restaurant deals, and posting pictures on social media, there are certain days when you are not in high spirits and just want to take a break from everything. Some of you might resort to talking to your close ones or going out for a run, but some might choose food as their stress relieving option. If you are one of such people then this is the list for you which gives you the best comfort foods ever.


1)  Dark Chocolate:

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You don’t need stress as a reason to eat chocolates but they do help a lot in reducing stress, especially dark chocolate. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that dark chocolate lowers the level of stress hormones like cortisol, in the body and therefore, eases emotional stress. So now you have a valid scientific reason to binge on those chocolate bars every time you feel low.

2) Fried Chicken:

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This one is for those who love non-vegetarian food. Fried Chicken is the ultimate option for all the meat lovers. Be it a giant chicken burger or little chicken nuggets, or a bucket full of chicken wings, it instantly soothes your taste buds and your mind taking away all the stress. If you’re a Punjabi, then butter chicken is the dish for you.

3) Ice cream:

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Now that is one thing everyone loves. A tub of ice cream is what should be definitely in your list of comfort foods. The best part ? Well, the endless flavors. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch, black current, pick any one you like, or just mix the flavors and create your own. Whatever you choose, ice cream never fails when it comes to making you feel better.

4) Margherita Pizza:

Image result for 4) Margherita Pizza:

Imagine a pizza full of cheese melting in your mouth. Isn’t that enough to put your mind at ease? While pizza itself is enough to lift your spirits, add an extra layer of cheese to it and it does the job even better. You can add your favorite toppings or just order a simple cheese pizza. It will work the same. You just need to add cheese to it and you’re good to go.

5) Maggi:

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Indians swear by Maggi. Every Indian house has a packet of Maggi. It is the ultimate choice for breakfast, evening snacks, and midnight cravings. People are always ready for maggi and when low, they crave for it even more. There is something about it that just makes them forget all their worries. The best part is that it can be prepared instantly. Also, while it lightens the mood, it is filling too.

6) Tea or Coffee:

Image result for tea and coffe

For a lot of people just tea or coffee is enough to do the task. If you are one of those people then this needs to have special mention in your list of comfort foods. You can have it with snacks like tea with pakoras or coffee with your favourite sandwich or you can have nothing with it. Just a cup of the steaming hot beverage to calm your nerves. In fact, researches have proved that just the scent of coffee is enough to relieve mental stress since it stimulates the production of special proteins.

7) Potato variants:

Image result for potato junk food

Anything prepared with potatoes is a great choice for comfort foods. Be it paranthas, or potato chips, or fries. Potato variants are the favorite option when it comes to binge eating.

8) Momos:

Image result for momos

This dish is trending big time and almost everyone is loving it. You get all types of momos, from classic steamed momos to fried momos. You even have gravy momos now. You have them in vegetarian options, and in chicken. Paired with the chilly sauce the vendors give they are a delight to eat, especially in times of stress. Also, not only are they delicious but extremely easy on the pocket too.

9) Paani Puri:

Image result for pani puri

People in Mumbai call it Paani Puri, those in Delhi call it Gol Gappa, and Bengalis call it Puchka. It is known by different names in different parts of the country, and is even more different in taste everywhere. But it works the same everywhere. It is the best street food to gorge on whenever you feel stressed. Have a plate of spicy paani puri and you’re ready to take on the world again.

10) Anything your mom cooks best:

Image result for mom cooking

This one has to be in the list because when everyone gives you a hard time, it is your mom that makes you feel loved and so does her food. It is not just her cooking but the extra love she adds to the food that makes you feel instantly better. So the next time you feel stressed, just ask you mom to cook whatever she cooks best, and see it work its magic on you.

So if you did not have a list of comfort foods, now you have one. A fight with your partner, or a setback at work or any other thing that bothers you, now you know what all food items to binge on the next time you feel blue. LittleApp.in will also help you with best of comfort foods!

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