6 Legendary Restaurants To Visit In Kolkata For A Unique Dining Experience


Kolkata, the city of joy can rightfully be called heaven on earth for all food lovers. The love for food has been so deeply engraved through the history and culture of this city, that it’s impossible to miss out on 6 of these Legendary Restaurants in Kolkata. Apart from getting the best deals in other restaurants in the city, you must dine in these restaurants for a unique legendary eating experience!!!

1) Golbari:

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Known for Kosha Mangsho its spicy mutton gravy, this historical restaurant in Shyambazar has become synonymous with this iconic Bengali food item. It hasn’t failed to make its mark and has a consistent reputation to please it’s patronizers.

2)The Corner Courtyard:

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A gorgeous colonial house that was last inhabited in 1904, converted into a luxury lounge is home to a fairly contemporary restaurant but is Legendary because of its ancient heritage and eye popping vintage royal culture. The global menu offers a jumble of flavours: you can dip Potato Wedges in Cheese Fondue with Sundried Tomatoes to Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken paired with Bengali mustard. It is one of those places that you must visit to breathe in the atmosphere and yet come back having managed a light and cosmopolitan bite.

3) Peter Cat:

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Another popular feature on Park Street is the restaurant Peter Cat. This classic restaurant started as back as the swinging sixties, and has managed to retain its popularity, thanks to the delicious house special – Chelo Kebab. Peter Cat continues to strive commercially as it takes you back to the Mughalai of the 20th century.

4) Flury’s:

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What started out as a confectionery shop opened by a Swiss couple back in 1926, has now become a brand of its own, that has spread its branches to other metros as well. There’s something about Fury’s that defies logic. Famous for its All-English breakfasts and delicious pastries Fury’s has a hard-to-beat vintage look that makes one want to sit there and watch the world go by!

5) Indian Coffee House:

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Rich in history and culture, this used to be the point of fun frolic and leisure for intellectuals and students, then attending Presidency College and University of Calcutta. In its peak times, literary icons like Satyajit Ray, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Samaresh Majumdar, have graced its hallowed halls.

6) China Town:

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The locality of China Town in Tangra used to house Chinese immigrants from the colonial times and now has some of the most popular Chinese restaurants. This is the birthplace of what is lovingly called the Indian Chinese food. A foodwalk down this road is a necessity, to soak in the cultural relevance of this part of the city.

It is necessary to visit these Legendary Restaurants to make your trip to Kolkata worth while! For more information about the best restaurants in Kolkata, log on to LittleApp.in

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