4 Bars In Pune That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket!

Pune, for the coming generation is quite a lot about good music, cruising the town, diverse food and ambient energy gets that gets that your foot tapping and booze flowing but still gives a rest to that pocket of hours in this era, where having fun can actually create a massive hole in our pockets.

However, we did come across five places in the town where one can not only enjoy a good drink but also have amazing music to set the mood while Mr. Gandhi stays in your pocket.


Café Eastwood (Kothrud):

Image result for Café Eastwood (Kothrud):

With a lively spirit and exuberance filling the air, Café Eastwood has earned its love and admiration amongst the city? Food and booze aficionados. Café Eastwood is a perfect confluence of elements from retro and modern bars. The wooden interiors add a touch of warmth to this pub. The walls are adorned with posters of classic movie characters as well as celebrities? From The Joker to Marilyn Monroe. The exceptional décor (including gramophones, pistols, ancient clocks, and the like) and subtle lighting give this place a unique touch. This two-storeyed pub serves delicious Continental and North Indian spreads. Wash it down with your favourite Signature Whisky, and clink your glasses to the groovy tunes playing in the background. It indeed ads a chapter to be explored in the Pune nightlife diaries.


Apache Fluid Lounge (FC Road):

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The upbeat music complemented with striking lighting, quirky intricate graffiti on the walls, casual seating, and a pulsating crowd set apart this lounge apart. Always packed with young patrons, this lounge boasts of its impeccable service. Apart from offering scrumptious finger food, their drinks such as Draught Beer, Tornado, Go To Hell, Barman’s Pitcher, and Apache’s Barman Pitcher will be a treat for you. The DJ spins some popular retro music, to which you will tap your feet involuntarily. This pub is ideal if you wish to binge drink without creating a dent in your wallet.


Hidden Place (Dhole Patil Road):

Image result for Hidden Place (Dhole Patil Road):

If you wish you spend a laid-back evening with your friends over drinks, this pub is just where you should head. From the moment you step in, you will be mesmerized by the extravagant graffiti on the walls. Every piece of the décor is tastefully put together. Indulge in this oasis of calm and comfort, while reveling in the mouth-watering spread of Continental and North India delicacies. Enjoy the captivating music played by the DJ, and yes, feel free to make suggestions. Also, keep the chilled beer flowing!


Symphony (Ashok Nagar): 

Image result for Symphony (Ashok Nagar): pune

Choose your ambience ranging from open air, AC or even a lounge, Symphony has it all. The alcohol rates are pretty amazing. The also have mouth watering Mangalorean dishes (awesome seafood alert!). We also strongly recommend the Butter Chicken here, it’s one of a kind! Best food, cheap booze and great times is what defines Symphony the best!


So now that you know where to head mid-week, don’t forget to check out LittleApp.in and get the most awesome pub deals!

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