7 Cafes That Are Doggy Friendly In India!

We all have that one friend we always go out with,  for coffee, a lunch, a movie or a dinner to talk about those good old days, our lives, those deep conversations etc. They could be the smart introvert, the lazy friend who has not seen the light of day, the fun friend you party with, the friend who will always get you the best deals, and finally your best friend. The best friend who gives you that sad longing look when you shut the door in their face. The best friend who happily greets you when you return home hours later with a wagging tail and a whole lot of kisses. The best friend who licks off all your tears and is there for you when no one else was. Why neglect your bestie? Next time plan a friendly date with your furry buddy. Here is a list of various cafes to take your pal to.

  1. Puppychino, New Delhi

Related image

A special cuisine separate for dogs and humans. A separate play area for the dogs and a shop selling doggie merchandise. What more could a dog want ?

  1. TherPUP, Bengaluru

Image result for therpup bangalore

TherPUP is a pet-friendly cafe located in Mahadevpura area in Whitefield which offers good food ( canine-friendly as well ) with great ambience (obviously since there are animals). You would definitely turn into a dog lover (if you aren’t already one!) once you visit TherPUP!

  1. Mutt Hutt, Mumbai

Image result for mutt hutt mumbai

Even humans are allowed here’ goes their catchphrase which the dogs somehow haven’t fetched onto. Mutt Hutt is a pop up cafe which hosts exciting events for you and your canine to bond like never before! From Parties, camps, games, photography etc. You name it they got it!

  1. Cafe Canine, Haryana 

Image result for Cafe Canine, Haryana

Huge lawns, a swimming pool, and a quiet atmosphere it all sums up to the perfect holiday getaway with your family and fury loved one.

  1. Crimson Chakra, Chennai

Image result for Crimson Chakra,dog Chennai

Crimson Chakra offers South Indian cuisine with a little twist to it. Dogs on a leash are welcome with prior booking.

  1. Throttle Shrottle, Gurgaon

Image result for Throttle Shrottle cafe dogGurgaon

This cafe is quite unique, it is open every single day in a year for 24 hours and they also welcome pets into their threshold with food. How do they manage it ? Only a trip there will uncover this mystery.

  1. The Love Room, Kolkata

Image result for The Love Room, Kolkata

This cafe has a play room separated from the dinning room to maintain hygiene. They also have meals for dogs and have a few cats for the cat lovers out there.

John Grogan author of Marley and Me said “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day”. Don’t make them wait, create memories and moments you can love and yearn for everyday. Go and live this beautiful life with them.  So what are you waiting for? Give your pooch the social life they deserve! Don’t forget to check LittleApp for the best deals before you head out!

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