8 Fun Activities To Do This Weekend In Mumbai!

The weekend is gearing up and you’ve got nothing to do? Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, literally! So there is always something going on around every corner apart from the best deals, and all you need to know is where to look and what to look for!

Here’s a list of all you can do in Mumbai this weekend and not regret it!


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Mumbai is the culture capital of India and what better way to experience it than attending a play at one of the many theatres in the city. You can get all your fill or art and entertainment at theatres like NCPA, Shanmukhanand Hall, Prithvi Theatre and Prabodhankar Thackeray Hall where every weekend is host to different plays filled with comedy, thrill and romance.

Discover New Hobbies:

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If you’ve been wanting to try something new for a while then this is the perfect way to start. There are plenty of workshops held every weekend around Mumbai that offer activities like Fire Breathing, Archery, Fencing, Pottery, Latin Ballroom dancing, Bar tending, Paragliding, Sailing, Spray Painting, Spa on wheels, Cupcake making to name a few. You can find out more about these activities online at places like www.Bluebulb.in

Attend an Event:Image result for stand up comedy


Mumbai has a funny bone and it’s tickled every chance there is. Attend a stand up comedy gig at places like the Comedy Store or the Laugh Factory and laugh your evening away with Mumbai’s best comedians. You can attend a music gig at Hard Rock Café or Rude Lounge that host new musicians every weekend. Events like wine-tasting and book readings happen around the city and no one disagrees that wine and books are love!

Go Clubbing:

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Upholding the tag of the city that never sleeps, Mumbai is home to some of the best discotheques in metros. Funky music, good food, decent crowds and a bar full of alcohol are the highlight of almost every club in the city. Bring a date along to Blue Frog, Tryst or Royalty for a night of music and fun. Mumbai also has some legendary Pub Deals.

Drink Some Coffee:

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Cafés here are always bustling with activity and you will find students completing projects or corporate meetings or maybe just another romantic date but everyone knows that coffee in Mumbai is worth stepping out for. Grab your favourite book and head out for some of the best café experiences ever. Places like Prithvi café or Food for Thought offer the perfect cosy corner with some heart warming coffee. If you aren’t a fan of reading, just go for the coffee!

Attend a Poetry Slam:

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For those of you interested in poetry, you’ll always a find a poetry slam or open mic session at one of the many Socials in the city. Catch up on some lovely words and get a chance to meet some fabulous writers and poets or maybe share some of your own thoughts. Common places to find a poetry jam in session would be Colaba Social, Todi Mill Social, and Khar Social. Slip in the back and grab a seat as words carry you away.


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Saturday means Shopping Day! Mumbai is known for its street fashion and every shopping trip is incomplete without something off of Mumbai streets. You can find the latest trends and trinkets at Colaba Causeway or Lokhandwala, Andheri or even Hill Road, Bandra.

Walk on the Beach:

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Mumbai is coastal and the best advantage is beaches! With a huge coastline, Mumbai boasts of beautiful beaches at every nook and cranny. Walk on the pearly sand at Madh and Marve or sit on the rocks while staring at the water at Gorai and Versova; satisfy your taste buds with finger-licking street food at Juhu or just stare at the Queen’s necklace at Girgaum. Every beach in Mumbai offers a difference experience and one weekend is definitely not enough for them all!


Regardless of whether you were born a Mumbaikar or just shifted into this city, Mumbai never fails to surprise us all. So get your wheels rolling and gear up for a fun-filled Saturday! Log on to LittleApp.in for some more fun deals and activities.

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