6 Bars In Delhi Having A Cult Status!

Ladies and Gentlemen ideally above 25-years of age, get set for exploring what could be the most fun destination, to spend an evening out with friends. Also note: Above 25 cause that’s the legal drinking age in Delhi and evening because most Bars close by 1am due to the nightlife curfew that’s in place. Fret no-more because here’s a list of 6 Bars that make all those strict Delhi rules worth it!

1) Kitty Su at the Lalit:

Image result for kittysu delhi'

Renowned for hosting numerous international electronic music artists, Kitty Su is decked out for Dancing and DJs. It’s spacious dance floor, funky decor and top quality sound system only add to its charisma. They have multiple bar counters, so you don’t have to wait in line for your drink. Not surprisingly time and again it has earned the title of Delhi’s Best Bar and is the only Indian club that made it to DJ Mag’s Top 100 clubs of the world.

2)Blue Bar:

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The fabulous ambience of the Blue Bar with both indoor and outdoor seating is absolutely exquisite! The open air Alfresco Longue fronts the swimming pool which gives it a soothing blue outlook. If you’re into cocktails or amazing American delights, look no more than the best in the City. It’s open to music and dance after 11, so you can make the most of it!


Image result for 3)Tamasha: bar delhi

New on the scene in Delhi, sprawling Tamasha has five separate areas, including courtyard and hookah lounge, backyard, rustic-style mezzanine, and rooftop overlooking central Delhi. The bar shaped like a truck at the entrance bags top points for creativity. Delicious fusion food and cocktails, along with great music, add to the tamasha.

4)Summer House Cafe:

Image result for 4)Summer House Cafe: delhi

Summer House Cafe was inspired by sultry summer vacations, barbecuing on the lawn with cold beer. This versatile bar has both indoor and outdoor seating over two levels, with superb rooftop. It’s so cool that Chris Martin from Coldplay even did a surprise impromptu performance there. Not surprisingly, it gets very crowded. Don’t miss it!


Image result for 5)PCO: delhi

Short for Pass Code Only, this exclusive bar has been set up as a speakeasy, where alcohol was secretly served. Located in an upmarket alleyway in south Delhi, there are no signboards indicating its presence and you’ll need to put a secret code into a black phone box to gain entry. Inside, the atmosphere is distinctly vintage with dark wood, plush chairs, hardbound books, classic cocktails, jazz and blues. If you’re not in the know, call up well ahead and make a reservation to get the code.

6)Monkey Bar:

Image result for monkey bar:delhi

Monkey Bar, has this concept of a “gastro-pub that promises anything but the usual” has achieved cult status, with its innovative but affordable food and drinks, and danceable music. The vibe is quirky and fun.

So now that you’re all set to rock the weekend, don’t forget to check out LittleApp.in for the best deals on pubs and bars in Delhi!

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