Love Doughnuts? Have Some For Free: Count The Number Of Doughnuts And Win!

Congratulations to Shraddha Athwani on winning the Pasta contest. The correct answers were:

5.Macaroni / Chifferi

This week we have something different lined up for you!

If the only love “circle” you can think of is a Doughnut then you have come to the right place. Doughnut’s have been winning hearts since inception and it’s the ultimate comfort dessert, hands down!

Now we have some yummy prizes to give away. All you have to do is, just do the (Doughnut) math i.e count the total number of Doughnuts in each image and add them all together to get a grand total.


  1. We always start with one:


2. Before we know it, it becomes 2:

3. Two’s company, but 3… is definitely better:

4.  More beautiful than the Eiffel Tower ain’t it?




5. Happiness on a tray!

6. Happiness could come in a box too:

7. The best is always saved for last!


Incase you haven’t finished drooling yet, please grab the nearest tissue, clean up, and start counting! Comment your answers below or on our Facebook Page. Best of luck!

24 Comments Add yours

  1. aakashsaig2000 says:

    Total number of doughnuts are 50!
    Let’s home I M right!


  2. ajokoshy2 says:

    51 Doughnuts


  3. typo its 51 not 61


  4. Vihar Shah says:

    Total 51 doughnuts are there


  5. Ritu Nidhi A says:

    Total 51 Doughnuts.


  6. There are 51 Doughnuts from 1 to 7 images with including all the images in this blog there is 77 Doughnuts


  7. 1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 5
    5. 13
    6. 12
    7. 15

    Total = 1+2+3+5+13+12+15= 51 doughnuts :)))
    I am the real “little” girl…..:)))


  8. lawrencedlima says:



  9. justo0987 says:

    Total 51 doughnuts


  10. sujal9 says:

    Total doughnuts are 52


  11. medhaingle says:

    Total doughnuts are 51


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