5 Best Places To Watch The IPL 2017!

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is celebrated just like every other festival in India. The season of cricket is basking in its glory and with the ICC world cup on its way and the IPL 2017 closing in slowly the question that stands strong is which indeed is the best place to watch the IPL . LittleApp brings to you the best places to watch the IPL 2017:

  1. The Stadium

While booking or browsing tickets after reaching the pricing columns your stuck and somehow manage to convince yourself that it just isn’t worth it. It isn’t true, whatever you’re doing to convince yourself to not watch the IPL 2017 in a stadium isn’t true at all. The vibe that the crowd in a stadium packs is altogether different. The stadium packs an electrifying energy filled with a rhapsodic and ecstatic environment that can bring chills down your spine. The extra bucks might seem a little unrealistic to spend just to watch a match but the experience is something else in its own way.

  1. Sports Bar / Pubs

Image result for ipl in pubs

Not everyone enjoys watching cricket in a stadium, some enjoy watching it on a comfortable chair with a good meal or drink in an air-conditioned environment and to suit their needs another good place to watch the upcoming IPL 2017 is a Sports Bar. You could enjoy it with a couple of drinks and starters that float around on Happy Hour offers maybe with a friend or your loved ones.  Don’t forget to check out the Little App for the best deals on Pubs for the IPL matches 2017!

  1. Big Screen

Image result for ipl in big screen

Just like we enjoy watching movies on big screens in theaters many restaurants to attract customers make use of projector screens to showcase the IPL matches. It is by-far the most comfortable way watching the match with a good old fashioned meal, comfortable chair and no person pestering you with a trumpet that goes off in your ears or a flag being waved in front of your face.

  1. At home

Image result for cricket watch at home tv

There is no place like home’ well that indeed is true. There is nothing better than sitting at home where you can be who you are and be in whatever kind of clothes that make you comfortable. You could watch the IPL 2017 matches live, with the same IPL live score and stream as you eat a home cooked meal and drink whatever you feel like all for free without spending anything, well that is what makes home ‘perfect’

  1. On your way home

Image result for cricket watch in train

Well a true matter of fact is that some of us work late, or maybe leave late from work and have to travel a great ordeal of distance to make it home, and these crowded bus/train journeys can get boring but maybe you could enjoy It in the train over your radio with a few chatter and commentaries from the RJ. You may even get company from your fellow travelers who are interested in the IPL 2017 and you may end up making some new friends.

So here you go, some of the few places you could enjoy watching the IPL 2017. We hope you enjoy this season wholeheartedly.

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