These 6 Buffets In Bangalore Will Surely Bring Out The Glutton In You!

Food is the ultimate pleasure of life. If there’s one thing that can cheer you up at the end of a tiring day, it is great food. This stands true, especially for foodies. When it comes to food, buffets hold a special place in a foodie’s life altogether because nothing beats the experience of gorging on your favorite dishes at a buffet. If you are a foodie then you need to read this.

Here is a list of buffet restaurants in Bangalore that can turn you into a glutton:

  • 1947 – This restaurant is famous for its authentic North Indian food. The buffet here also includes delicious Chinese cuisine. Not only is it easy on the pocket but veggie friendly as well. It is a great option for enjoying a casual dinner with friends and family.

  • Mandi – This is the place for you if you are strictly vegetarian. A  pure vegetarian restaurant, it serves lip smacking North Indian food.  Its cosy ambiance makes it a perfect place for a nice family outing. Apart from this, eating here will not burn a hole in your pocket since the prices are reasonable.

  • Barbeque Nation – A list of the best buffets is incomplete without mentioning Barbeque Nation. With North Indian, European, and Continental cuisines it offers you an elaborate buffet spread. It is known for its variety of non vegetarian food. The decor is praiseworthy as well.. Along with live music and great service it gives you a wholesome dining experience.


  • Deja Vu Restobar – You are not always up for a fine dine outing. Sometimes you are just in a mood for a casual dinner. This is the place for such moods. The lunch and dinner buffets here are reasonably priced. Along with North Indian food, it serves Italian cuisine as well. Its unique decor makes it perfect for a fun outing with friends.


  • Buff Buffet Buff – This one offers you an extensive buffet spread which includes North Indian, Thai, Continental, and Chinese cuisines. The place has a great feel that makes you want to eat more and more. A Sunday brunch at this place can be a great idea for a relaxing weekend.

Be it a family dinner or a casual meal with friends, buffets are always a great idea. But there are times when one just can’t decide where to go. For such a situation you can refer to the list given above.

So the next time the foodie in you wants to be treated you know where to head. Choose any of the above-mentioned restaurants that suits the occasion and enjoy a wholesome dining experience. Don’t forget to check for the best buffet deals in your city.

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