6 Things To Do Other Than Watch The IPL 2017!

It is the cricket season which is in full glory, but all the excitement doesn’t quite help you and you are looking for something better to do rather than sitting in front of a television screen and cheering for no reason. LittleApp brings to you some Little Things you could do other than watch the IPL.

Well needn’t worry for here is a small list of some of the things you could possibly do during this IPL 2017 season that sets you apart from the remaining million people watching the IPL 2017.

  1. Take up/ Get back to your hobby.

Image result for hobby

Well, instead of sitting stuck to watching 22 people chasing behind scores you could do something much more productive of your time maybe by taking up a new hobby or going back to your old one. It could be the perfect time to re-live those old memories.

  1. Go on a Day Outing

Image result for day outing

Instead of spending your weekend break of Saturday and Sunday watching the IPL 2017 at home take a small vacation to a small and not very far hill station. This could be your chance to connect with Nature, it will be easier to travel too. With less traffic on the road it might be a cruise to where-so-ever you plan on heading.  Or better yet, nothing will do better than a quick day outing.

  1. Romantic Dinner.

Image result for romantic dinner

Take this as an opportunity to prove the world wrong and rid men of the stereo type that men give more preference to sports and then to their better halves. Take her out for a nice luxury dinner or cook up a meal for her, she may feel special and she will feel surprised.

  1. Read a Book

Image result for read a book

Knowledge, you can get that from just one book and you won’t need anything else in your life to help you succeed. Take on the task to finish a book in the IPL season and do it. You won’t be wasting your time watching a 3 hour match but you would rather gain some more knowledge.

  1. Watch a less ‘RIGGED’ sport

Image result for champions league

We all know that the IPL has a history of match-fixing and drama that happens every year. So instead of watching something like that you could watch a less dramatized and fixed sport like the La-Liga or Champions League. If you don’t know the sport you could even learn about one.

  1. Watch a new TV series

Image result for online tv series

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot and application as such you can easily watch any new shows. There are an abundant category of TV shows waiting for you to watch. Some of them are sheer entertainment while some are of the infotainment category. You could get hooked on to a new show instead of watching the IPL 2017.

Well, there you go a list of unique things you could do instead of spending your hours in from of the idiot box watching the IPL 2017. We hope you have fun. Incase you are looking for places where you can watch the IPL 2017 matches, click here.

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