7 Of The Most Popular Watering Holes In Bangalore!

Sometimes a good drink and a few friends is all we need and other times we find our soul mates over a few much needed beers, you could do with an awesome pub deal from LittleApp too. Here we have a list of 7 of the most popular watering holes in Bangalore. So if you are looking for some company or just a few drinks, these are the place that you must check out.

55 Wall Street

Spacious and comfy interiors with low sofas and private stalls make it an easy unwind at 55 Wall Street at any time of the day. Bring your friends along for a round of beer pong, foosball or other card games as you treat yourself to lip smacking food washed down with the best alcohol the city has to offer.

Soho Street

An open kitchen, live counters, an enormous spread, selected alcohol and standard pricing keeps Soho Street buzzing with customers. Soho Street reflects the culture and heritage of the city with its London memorabilia, brick walls and graphics. Rich decor and wood give one the experience of dining in London so be ready to be transported directly to Trafalgar Square as you step in.

Xtreme Sports Bar

With large plasma and LCD screens along with electrifying music, Xtreme Sports Bar is the ultimate destination to catch up on all the sports action. With a staff that keeps your glasses filled and finger food at your tips, the experience is better than the VIP box at sport stadiums. The perfect place to cheer for your sport heroes to victory with your gang, Xtreme Sports Bar is on everyone’s list.

Safe House

Safe House’s unique gangster themed ambiance with its lively music, and convivial atmosphere, its upholstery with lustrous paintings, and a varied selection of drinks and delicious multi cuisine food makes it the go to gastropub in Banaglaore. Safe House…  is the ideal place to catch your favourite game or play pool or try their Dart, Roulette and Tic-Tac-Toe Shots.


24th Main Cross Roads Inn

24 Main Cross Roads is the ideal place for leisure tourists as well as those who come to the city for business. With tasteful decor and budget friendly pricing make 24 Cross Roads a comfy option for an evening of lay unwinding with the best selection of alcohol.

Russh Gastropub

A laidback rustic area welcomes diners and drinkers alike in Russh. The gastropub offers finger licking food and drinks in a combination of a casual and relaxed setting. The young, the restless and the next big ideas are all welcome as Russh is home to energy, confusion and urban chaos.

Sharaab Factory

Sharaab Factory is the one and only stop for everything liquor. With as exciting combination of beverages, your spirits are bound to be up and rolling! Sharaab Factory offers the ideal place for a lazy hang out with friends, food and alcohol.

So there you have it, some of the best places in Bangalore to grab a drink. So if you want to chill out or just get inspired and find a few stories in the multitude of people. These places surely won’t disappoint you. Don’t forget to check out LittleApp.in for the best pub deals before you head here!

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